Users of Fake WhatsApp Versions Facing a Massive WhatsApp crackdown!

 As we all know by now WhatsApp Inc. as a company has launched a massive onslaught on its users that use modified version of WhatsApp such as WhatsApp + and WhatsApp Gb, by slapping a temporary 24 hour or sometimes ruthless 60-year ban on the users of these WhatsApp mods.

Using WhatsApp modified versions like WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp + is all fun and games until you wake up in the morning to experience a ban that is already pinching a number of its users worldwide. A mere 24-hour ban from the most used mobile application and messaging app in the world can be a serious pain especially if you are either running a business or want to be in constant contact with your family and close friends.

All WhatsApp mods users I hope you have switched to the original WhatsApp before you are banned. If you use WhatsApp mods and haven’t yet been banned better pray with the blood of Jesus Christ because Zuckerberg will ban you without fear or favor.

To those WhatsApp mod lovers, Well I have some good news for you that your favorite WhatsApp version have new updated anti-ban features so you should be safe from being banned if you get the latest downloadable versions. You can use Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp anti ban to avoid being disconnected.

Unfortunately, though the bad news is that WhatsApp Inc. is cracking down on these modified versions you may think you’re on the safe side of using anti-ban and boom, you get caught by WhatsApp bots. So as a WhatsApp user still enjoying the special features that your modified WhatsApp applications give you, you must definitely be concerned for they are definitely on a ticking time bomb.

Otherwise a useful hack is If you have already been caught by the WhatsApp ban, wait for your ban time to elapse after it has elapsed, uninstall WhatsApp and download the latest version of WhatsApp Mod like WhatsApp +, WhatsApp GB latest version and Yo WhatsApp.

Written by Nick Spartan

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