Chris Evans tired of Kampala Slay queens chewing his money

local musician Chris Evans Kaweesi is not about to legalise his bedminton games going by his recent words. While speaking to a local radio station, the ‘Bwolonda’ hit maker said that he is tired of Kampala slay queens who are after chewing his hard earned dime. ‘Njagala omukyala amanyi okulima mutwale Ku nimiro yange eye nyanya mutemele olubimbi bwanalumaliriza awo ndyoke nkakase nti ajakusobola okufumba ewaka’ loosely translated as I want a woman that can prove her skills with the hoe, a woman that can dig and prove to me that she is worth marriage.  It should be remembered that the local music crooner was dumped by his ex lover Jamirah and since then he’s had to bear with the recent cold weather condtions in Kampala alone.

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