Local Supporters in Zimbabwe accuse Ugandans of Deploying Spirits Around The Uganda Cranes Goal Post

After the recently conluded controversial African Cup of Nations game between Zimbabwe and Uganda that ended in a one-all-draw , rumour mongers in Harare allege that a powerful spirit stood on the Ugandan goal posts and stopped the ball from crossing the line. The rumour mongers add that, the spirit picked the ball, handed it to Onyango and gently said ,” Tulinawe” before vanishing in thin air.

” Our striker shot on the goal post. A Ugandan spirit in form of an old woman stopped the ball and handed it to their goal keeper, ” a Zimbabwe supporter was heard telling friends in Harare.

These claims have come amidst wild allegations that Uganda cranes met an old man with a hat who handed them powerful supernatural spirits to stop opponents from scoring goals against them and instead help them to score easily against their opponents.

Uganda has so far not lost a match in the tournament.

The Zimbabwe supporters allege that, when their strikers attempted to score a second goal, the Ugandan powerful spirit reduced the size of the goal post forcing the ball to hit the cross bar.

“How come we got a similar chance like their so called striker Okwii? Ours hit the goal post and Okwii scored. The level of witchcraft by Ugandan supporters is alarming. This matter must be investigated,” the Zimbabwe supporter complained.

We have also learnt that, Zimbabwe supporters consulted their powerful witchdoctors who revealed to them that the Ugandan goals against Congo and Zimbabwe were scored by a spirit and not a human being.

” It was a spirit in form of a human being who sneaked into the field. None of our defenders saw him. Even our goalkeeper later saw the net shaking and heard the referee’s whistle. How? They ( Ugandan) should have warned us about their intentions to score. They never did it.” a furious Zimbabwe supporter said.

Although there have been several prayers by Ugandans appealing to the gods to protect the Uganda cranes against Zimbabwe, Ugandan supporters have not either denied or confirmed the presence of a powerful spirit to deny Zimbabwe a win. Its alleged everyday Ugandans pray and request for success in their football matches.

Even then, a Ugandan blogger popularly called TVO refuted allegations of use of spirits to protect Uganda cranes. In a recent post on Facebook, TVO clarified that, Uganda cranes win was not attributed to either spirits or presence of certain trees in peoples homes but fitness and dedicated training.

Even then, Ugandan supporters watching the match in Cairo have denied any of Zimbabwe’s allegations.

” We were simply waving the Ugandan flag and singing the national anthem. All of a sudden the ball stopped and Onyango picked it. Everyone saw it. Where did you get these wild allegations?” A Ugandan supporter who attended the match in Cairo said.

The Ugandan supporters insist that the goal against Zimbabwe was scored by a young man called Okwii and not by a spirit as alleged.

Even then, experts who are knowledgeable on African spirits are still puzzled how Zimbabwe’s ball stopped on the goal post line, danced a bit and waited for Onyango to pick it.

Written by Nick Spartan

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