Fresh Kid’s father to start singing

Whatever the basis of Sir Winston Churchill’s declaration of Uganda as the Pearl of Africa was, it is a very valid saying. I mean don’t you find Uganda very interesting, it’s where you find all the amusing stuff hence the trending saying ‘Uganda zaabu’. It’s where you find all kinds of drama and news that just struck us is that soon Fresh Kid’s father Paul Mutaabazi is to launch his own musical career soon if we are to take his words serious while appearing on local broadcastor BBS terefayina on a certain show. The old man said that he is set to hit the studios and he will be rocking the airwaves soon. Asked what stage name he is to adorn Fresh muzeyi quickly said that he will go by the moniker Don K Bwongo which almost is the same to his son’s songwriter 14 K Bwongo. This old guy is simply living a dream he had even never breathed in his wildest dreams. From being hosted on almost every media house and topping news tabloids, he’s surely become a celebrity thanks to his controversial behavior concerning his superstar toddler and he’s truly a living example of the local saying ‘tewevuma nsi nga tonafa’He went ahead to rally Fresh kid’s fans in Dubai to attend in large numbers and even went ahead to say that he has his own manager situated at City Complex.Well old man what can we say apart from wishing you luck in the arena you want to embark upon. Never know you could be the hottest thing selling in Uganda soon and our own 2pac in the making.

Written by Nick Spartan

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