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Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp Users Experience Social Media Bug.

Three of the biggest social media platforms in the world Facebook ,Whatsapp and Instagram left their respectiv users lamenting for more than 24 hours yesterday on rival platforms such as twitter and telegram with hashtags #FacebookDown , #InstagramDown and #WhatsappDown.

People using the Facebook platform claimed that they could not upload or post anything . They also experienced slow page loading and failure to load images which left  billions of the platforms users happy.

Millions of Instagram Users were also not pleased with what happened to their beloved social media platform after they realized  a few hours ago that the platform was down for 24 hours.  This started with failure to display images in feeds to messaging and uploading content.

Nevertheless, the whatsapp netizens were also furious after a sudden breakdown  of the application.  It started with slowing in sending messages to “Download failure ” an indication that the users  were  not able to access the photos , videos and gifs they have received nor the documents. This also applied to the whatsapp status.

The Applications are now fully operational once again after the Company Facebook which acquired both Instagram and Whatsapp released an official statement saying that a bug was created on their servers due to a software update which was anazyled and rectified after a period of 24 hours. The bug caused a slow down on the network of the social media platforms preventing its users from loading pages, uploading and downloading images

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