Fact Check: Prophet Mbonye – “Uganda to win AFCON2019 on Penalties!”

An image has been making rounds on social media about the flamboyant “Prophet” Mbonye bearing a prediction of AFCON2019 Results with Uganda winning on Penalties!

Image of Elvis Mbonye captioned with a prophesy about Uganda winning AFCON

After Last night’s 0-1 loss to Senegal, it became apparent that our journey had ended and even more or less tragic depending on whether you are a “Mbonyerian” or not, the “man of God” had been exposed.

We took to investigating the accuracy of the rumor and this is what we found:

  • The image bears the FIU TV logo. Uganda has no such TV station.
  • The logo boundaries are fuzzy indicative of Photoshop activity.
  • The image caption “Profit Mbonye” clearly indicates the work of someone with malicious intent.
  • We carried out a deep internet search and there is no video footage of Mbonye uttering the said prophesy.
  • There is also no record in any official archives to support the claim.

Our Verdict: Fake News!

We’ll focus more on Fresh Kid and his family for now.

I am neither a Mbonyerian nor his critic, I however admit to following his works with a keen curiosity.

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