Celebrated Ugandan Comedian Kapere Excited To Go Back To School At 49 years of Age In New Funny Viral Video

Ugandan comedy sensation Kapere is officially now a living testimony to uneducated people out there in the world that it can never to late to stop learning and go to school. The budding comedian who is soon making 50, almost failed to state his exact age when asked in an interview with NBS Televison , the vibrant comedian failed to do simple arithmetic in adding up his age from his date of birth in 1969 much to the amusement of the Interview panelists.

Kapere has decided to take his comedy to the classroom in a literal sense since he is seen as a celebrity among the primary four toddlers who are now his classmates and peers in school.

When asked on how Kapere conducted himself as a student, a young girl who is his desk-mate claims that Kapere usually tries to copy her answers in an attempt to get his answers right during exams. Kapere says he is serious about getting back in school and says that he is doing it to increase on his knowledge in order to become a respectable person in society. When asked about the progress he achieved during the term the funny comedian said that the examinations were giving him a hard time and he was trying to do his best to pass them.

At the top is the viral video of Kapere’s interview in Luganda with NBS which will leave you laughing your eyeballs out.

Written by Nick Spartan

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