President Museveni is free

According to the recent ruling by the High Court, President Museveni has been acquitted of the charges brought against him by a one Richard Kaweesa. Kaweesa brought up a lawsuit against the ‘Jjaja of the bazzukulu’ President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seeking compensation for the song ‘another rap’ used by Sevo during his campaigns in the 2011 presidential campaigns.This was a song that garnered massive support and gave a boost to the NRM chairman especially among the youth.In the court jurisdiction dated  June 25th, High Court judge Richard Wejuli said that the constitutional provision that grants a sitting president immunity ousted the court’s jurisdiction to handle the matter. ‘Article 98 takes away the jurisdiction of this court over the person of the sitting president and secondly it bestows upon that person absolute and unqualified immunity while he’s in office’ Wejuli noted.The mpekoni song was surely a hit in that year and telecommunications companies reaped big out of it making it a ringtone and perhaps Kaweesa wanted a piece of the cake.   

Written by Nick Spartan

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