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PHOTOS -The Fabulous Life of Kampala’s Big Spender Don Nasser

Flambouyant city businessman Nasser Basajjabalaba aka Don Nasser Isaac is a new sight to behold for many Ugandans with the kind of lavish lifestyle he lives . Since his release from prison over fraudulent activities, the young mogul splashed a mouthwatering 20 million shillings in cash on bad black’s birthday party giving the socialite a lump-sum gift that she will forever sings tales about and never forget.

Don Nasser handing Bad Black a whooping 20 million on her 30th birthday

Little is known about Don Nasser’s education background although our sources have it that he is a certified Civil Engineer. The tycoon also owns a real estates company that deals in estates in Uganda and United Arab Emirates worth billions. The company is called Shine Properties based in Dubai.

Don Nasser is a big fan of expensive vehicle brands and this is seen with the large numerous flashy rides in his cribs parking lot. His favorite ride among the lot is the Rolls Royce 2017 limited edition which is rumored to be the only one in East Africa. This motorvehicle cost him uganda shillings 1.7bn. The tycoon also has a Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport ,ML 4matic, BMW X6, FJ Cruiser, 4matic convertible and a GLE 63 Couple with all vehicles having a personalized plate number “NASSER”.

Nasser’s Rolls Royce,with the initials Nasser 1 engraved on its number plate
Nasser’s Range Rover Sport
Nasser’s Fleet of cars in his residential parking lot
Nasser’s 4matic GLE Mercedes Benz

Don Nasser has dated a number of women and those that have been seen in the lime light include Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi the widow of the Late AK47 who accused him of conning a Dubai based Businessman $5M and fleeing to Uganda to hide from authorities. He is currently dating Billionaire Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter known as Masitullah Mutaasa  who apparently dumped her wedded husband Hajj Fahad Ibrahim after a year of marriage . Don Nasser also spent $8,000 on a surgery for Masitullah .

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