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Wealth Fresh Kid Has Amassed From His Young Music Career

Seven year old rapping sensation Patrick Ssenyonjo a.k.a Fresh Kid has been one of the biggest talking points in the Ugandan music industry after making a name for himself from his killer lugga flow rhymes, live breathtaking performances , popular hit songs like Bambi, Banteeka that have received massive airplay on the country’s most elite radio and television stations over the past three months.

Fresh Kid’s hit song Banteeka which has more than 147,000 views on youtube

Here is a list of blessings that Fresh Kid has received ever since he made it big on the musical scene.

International Tours And Fame.

Performing in the illustrious cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE which are some of the worlds most visited destinations is sure to rack up some serious bucket loads of cash, and not just any amount of shillings we are talking dollars. From flying First class to The UAE fresh Kid begun his first international tour jetting into Dubai on 7th july and later performing in Abu Dhabi on the 8th of July. Certainly Fresh kid’s family and Manager must surely be smiling to the bank with the thousands of dollars bagged from the two shows. Fresh Kid is also set to perform in South Africa and The United States later this year, so the young boy is definitely living his dream and will keep racking in the dollars till the end of this year.

Fresh Kid’s arrival in Dubai
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Educational Scholarship

Fresh Kid received a massive scholarship for his elementary school education which will cover seven years of his primary school. He will also receive pocket money and school requirements for this period. The Ruparelia foundation which is sponsoring Fresh Kid’s education also gave the young Ssenyonjo a smartphone to use when he is at home and out of school. Fresh Kid will be attending the day section of Kampala Parents school. School fees per term at the prestigious school is close to 2 million shillings with the foundation set to spend close to 50 million on his entire elementary education package.

Local Shows

The young rapper is a young millionaire with his benefits reaching the ranks of more than 100 million Ugandan shillings combined with the international shows which bring in huge lump-sums of dollars. From our preliminary investigations Fresh Kid is booked in the country for not less than 2 million shillings per show. As of June last month Fresh Kid is one of the most booked Uganda artists who has an average of two shows per week. From tours around the country and the educational scholarships he has been offered this year the 100 million shilling valuation definitely suits him.

Cash Bonanza’s

The Fresh family is definitely smiling to the bank with the amount of cash bonanza’s they have received. Fresh Kid was handed 5 million shillings in cash by Minister Nakiwala. Other good samaritans like Rajiv Ruparelia have offered the kid envelops of cash as pocket change to keep him going through school. Mama Fiina also injected 3 million shillings in cash into Fresh kid’s dad pedicure business,with other unknown amounts being handed to the lad from good samaritans during his shows .The Ssenyonjo’s are definitely swimming in Mazike , money notes rightnow.

Fresh Kid receiving an envelop from Rajiv Ruparelia who heads the Ruparelia Foundation


Apart from receiving a smartphone meant for his communications and shooting videos for his songs from the Ruparelia foundation.Fresh kid has also been gifted a posh Nissan vogue to drop him to and from school. Fresh Kid’s team also posted a YouTube video of his new ride, a brand new white Mercedes Benz E-Class, but it is yet to be confirmed on whether the ride is actually owned by the rapper and his management. Fresh Kid’s manager Francis Kamoga also drives a Toyota wish. It is very hard for one to reap big from the Ugandan Music industry for many musicians out there but Fresh Kid is certainly living his dreams.

Fresh kid’s Mercedes Benz
Fresh Kid’s Nissan Vogue


Fresh kid has his own personal designer that picks out his outfits and he also has custom designed t-shirts ,caps and jumpers. He has also been unveiled as a brand ambassador for Bravo Shoes, Canaan Cola drinks which are paying millions to have him partner with their brands.

Written by Nick Spartan

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