Bugingo’s Only Mistake Was Unveiling the New Catch Before a Divorce-Tamale

Pastor Bugingo’s name has been super-glued on the lips and minds of Ugandans in the recent weeks because of the remarks he made about his 29-year marriage to Teddy Naluswa. Up untill today, the battle for who is right is not yet over as different freedom fighters have joined the battle between the city Pastor and his wife Teddy and more recently David Livingstone Kiganda jumped onto the wagon.

The whole situation blew up when Pastor Bugingo shockingly introduced his new love Susan Makula Nantaba, an employee at his Salt TV to his congregation, politely attacking his former wife Teddy Naluswa for not satisfying his desires because of sickness.

From the day the Embattled House of Prayers Ministries International (HPMI) lead by pastor Aloysius Bugingo officially announced his new catch, life hasn’t been the same and this has apparently caused the government to intervene.

Bugingo’s soared marriage and new relationship have to the extent turned social media into a battle ground where his follower are exchanging bitter words in a fight to prove who is wrong or right. His wife Naluswa has been accusing him of trying to force her to sign divorce papers because he no longer loves her after about 29 years of being married.

When the public pressed him so hard, Pastor Bugingo later revealed that the Wife Bled for 10 Years and that he couldn’t stand keep his virginity for over a decade but rather rather had to opt for a plan B.

“I have tried to always keep quiet to respect Teddy but she is playing the sympathy card too much. She says she has been with me for 27 years through thick and thin. But how come she doesn’t talk about her haemorrhage. My wife bled for 10 years. Every single day, I bought cotton pads to treat her. I could no longer contain her flow. I didn’t have sex for all those 10 years. I didn’t even cheat. How come I didn’t get another woman in those years? Surely people must know that if I were to leave, it would have been back then. I have been patient, I have tried all my best to make this thing work. Let her stop claiming that she is the one who tried her best.” Bugingo told our reporter.

Since then leaders of born again churches have denounced Pastor Bugingo and claim he is not one of them after his public utterances regarding his marriage.

In a statement, the movement condemned Pastor Bugingo for refuting to subscribe to any umbrella of the organization that brings together Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches.

Pastor Bugingo’s saga has been a pain in the ass to the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, Father Simon Lokodo who has come out to punctuate him as a pastor malnourishing his congregation and that government is considering closing his church.

“The faithful must move away from his church because he is not nourishing them spiritually but malnourishing them,” Lokodo said in a TV Interview.

Pastor Bugingo taken to social media to yell for forgiveness but the wild people are throwing back the blame on his face.

This week one of the most controversial human being in Uganda, Tamale Mirundi on his popular TV show on NBS ONE ON ONE WITH TAMALE clearly proved to us that the public was more concerned because Pastor Bugingo Unveiled a new catch before a peaceful divorce .

The Video in which Tamale is shown below

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