Sexy Ugandan Musician Grace Nakimera turns to Christ

‘Nze ndi kawonawo ooh nawe tobalabula’   hmmm this once upon a time girl ruled the airwaves in the past decade and the late 2000s. From her oozing sexiness, to her strong and commanding voice on the mic and not forgetting those boobs that almost got us sinning in our minds at the mere glimpse of her mouthwatering videos.

Well my fellow lads if you are out there continuing to salivate to Nakimera’s raunchy videos, this seems likely to be the end of her horny entertainment era now that she appears to have changed her ways by getting born-again. The ‘Bwoba sexy’ singer has taken the narrower path to Jesus deserting the lifestyle of fornincaion she once lived.

While appearing on the Kfm Morning breakfast show with Brian and Maritza, the singer confessed on how she had given her life to Jesus and is back and will be returning to the music scene but this time as a gospel artist. She already has a new gospel song out titled ‘Anvirideyo’ and she went ahead to say that she’s been doing charity work in her absence from the show biz industry.

When told by Brian that she was once the sexiest female artiste in the land, she quickly defended her title and said that despite being a born again she still feels empowered and sexy.

Well I personally feel the loss for me and the guys that lived to see Grace’s amazing anatomy blessing our TV screens with her sexy amazing scenes from her rousing music videos .She is one of those musicians who made us lick and bite our lips growing up but that seems like a long lost dream now that the diva has heeded to the Lord Jesus Christ’s calling.

Written by Nick Spartan

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