I’m The Backbone Of The Goodlyfe’s Success’- OS Suna

Behind every successful story there is an untold truth that is always kept in the dark.This truth somehow always finds its way into the light . The story is no different when it comes to the success of  East Africa’s dynamic duo, Radio & Weasel from the Goodlyfe crew. If we are to go by faded musician Os Suna’s words while appearing on a local FM station.

Os Suna narrated his experience with the Goodlyfe boys and how he orchestrated their rise to stardom. Os said that the ‘Nakudata’ song that the three artistes sung together in 2008 which became the game changer for Radio and Weasel’s career was masterminded by him and he had planned to do a gospel song  in it using P square’s hit song ‘Temptation’s beat. But when Weasel and Radio listened to it, Radio suggested that a gospel song would not make it a monster hit.

Radio stated singing in it the Nakudata lyrics and that’s how they came up with their first hit song and when they performed it at Chameleone’s show in Kabalagala, he told them it was good but they should give it a dance-hall beat which they did and from then on the song exploded and became one of the biggest hits in the Ugandan entertainment industry.

Radio and Weasel would later put up a concert at Steak Out with the song as the headline performance minus Os Suna’s knowledge. The concert really sold out but Suna did not reap a single penny from the show.

When Os Suna consulted Weasel, he was told that it was their manager Jeff’s idea and they had nothing to do about it. Shortly, Radio came to Os Suna’s house in Makindye and told him how they had been looking for him to give him some money from the concert which Suna welcomed. But according to Suna’s surprise he was given 6000 shillings. ‘”Radio came and told me that they had been looking for me to give me some money and I thought it was some good money. But then he started checking in all corners of himself and I was like some one has come to give me money and he’s got to look for it as far as that. To my surprise Radio (RIP) handed me 6000 shillings, I just looked at him in awe and called my then girlfriend Ashanti (RIP) and to go and buy what she wanted. Radio got up and left, I kept my eyes on him in disbelief as he vanished into thin air’.

Os Suuna says that he never tried to make a fuss about it and kept his cool but in no time the lads were back to him and he worked on their song ‘ lwaki onumya’ which he says belonged to some Gabonese singer and even went ahead to give  Weasel the opening words/intro. He also edited their song ‘Zuena’ but did not include his credits because he did not want to clash with her husband Bebe Cool.

Os Suna went ahead to acknowledge that Radio was a very talented artiste like no other though he was a very hard fellow to deal with. “I was very proud of their success because I knew it was my sweat that they were thriving on and the reason I never came out in the news about the issue is because I did not want to tarnish the duos name I just moved on from it”.

Written by Nick Spartan

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