SHOCKING – Kim Kardashian Reveals What She Hates Most About Kanye West

International Celebrity Kim Kardashian West has come out to share a shocking revelation about her husband Kanye. In a recent interview the Kardashian was asked what she hated most about Kanye and to everyones suprise been spotted her husband has been caught napping several times in different places. From the couch with his daughter North, to the plane, at awards, at family events, in the park, the store, name it, Kanye does not mind taking a nap anywhere as long as he needs it.

Speaking on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the reality TV star disclosed how she feels about her husbands public sleeping habit. This was after Corden asked Kim,”What is that one thing you wish you could get Kanye to stop doing?”, and this is what she had to say, “Oh this is so easy. He falls asleep everywhere, and it gets really embarrassing, when we are in a parent-teacher conference, or a doctor’s appointment, or at a meeting where he’s like introducing me to a fashion designers that I have never met before and then boom he just starts snoring.”

Kanye Napping with his mother-in law at basketball star James Harden’s Birthday

Well as much as we feel for Kardashian West, can we blame Kanye? Considering the amount of responsibility he has and how busy his schedule Kim will just have to keep taking in Yeezy poor sleeping habit for now.

More photos of Kanye caught napping and Kim kardashians video interview can be viewed below.

Kanye napping on a plane
Kanye napping while watching his daughter
Video of KIm Kardashians interview with James Cordon

Written by Joy Akatukunda

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