Prophet Mbonye’s Prophesy Comes To Pass As Borison Johnson Takes Over To Be Tory Leader And PM

On January 5th/2019, a youtube video was uploaded bearing a recording of the flamboyant young Prophet Mr. Mbonye uttering things of vision, the unseen, and those yet to occur. In his own words:

I saw Men and women running and I could tell these are political leaders in that part of the world. Then I could also tell, something brand new is about to happen there. While they were running, there was a man who was being cheered on, he was called Boris Johnson. When I got out of it, this what I had an interpretation of, the leadership will change, this man will rise in power, the rest is history. This man was being cheered on by people of different walks of life. He was supported by a coalition of parties.

A combination of pictures created in London on June 10, 2019 shows 9 of the 10 declared contenders the Conservative Party leadership contest: (top L-R) Conservativer MP Boris Johson, Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom, Britain’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary Michael Gove, Conservative MP Esther McVey, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, (bottom L-R) Britain’s International Development Secretary Rory Stewart, Britain’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid, Britain’s Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock and Conservative MP Dominic Raab. – Ten British Conservative MPs were formally announced Monday as having thrown their hats into the ring in the fight to replace Theresa May as party leader and Prime Minister, with her former foreign secretary Boris Johnson seen as the runaway favourite. The nominees are: Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey, Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Sajid Javid, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Mark Harper, Rory Stewart and Matt Hancock. (Photo by STF / AFP)

A number of individuals claim this was an obvious prophecy, and one didn’t need to look into the dancing fire or crystal ball depending on the juju your ancestors practised to know Boris was the favourite while others mockingly urged him to foretell the day the man with the hat would throw in the towel as opposed to focusing his superpowers on foreign lands.

In all fairness though, for a man whose entire reputation solely depends on accurately predicting the future, making such a bold claim about Boris becoming the next head of state in the UK required a special kind of conviction. For those of you who still think this was more predictable than Zari’s new lover break up, think again! When the world thought Hillary would be the new leader of the free world, Boom! Trump happened.

Now that Prophet Mbonye has our attention, we’ll keep a tab on him as we follow up on the rest of things he claims will come to pass.

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