Zari Finds Love Again With KING Bae And This Is All You Need To Know About him

Ugandan socialite-cum businesswoman Zari Hassan is no longer on market after landing a new man she claims gives her good sex.

News reaching our desk indicate that Zari has been dating “King bae” since she parted ways with highly celebrated Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz in 2018 but could not reveal his identity.

Zari and King Bae

Besides not sharing his face on social media, the Boss Lady could not even mention his name, until their private wedding held in South Africa on Nelson Mandela Day, the man remained to be King Bae or Mr P.

But a recent investigation from the team on Zari’s instagram reveal a post in which King Bae is wearing the same shoes.

King Bae discovered

Ever since their private wedding in S.A, social media rumor-mongers have been all over the place trying to find who this King Bea could be and city man-eaters have been all over her posts on Instagram as spies looking for an assassin.

Well after an intense search, Spotlight Magazine has learnt that King Bea is Prince Mickymill, going by the name (prince_mickymill_goat) on Instagram and that’s why Zari apparently calls herself Mrs M.

King Bae has been very low key on social media making it hard for social media detectives to trace his true identity.

The two love birds have been sharing sweet nothings on social media from informing us how they miss each other to how Zari is a woman with wisdom who got a good heart and works hard.

Almost in the same age bracket as her former boyfriend Diamond Platnumz, King Bea has continuously proved to his followers that Zari is the best woman he has ever met.

Despite the twist in relationships, Zari has continued to call up Diamond Platinumz to style up and take charge of the two kids they share together after they separated.

King Bae is a young South African Tycoon and Business Man with a number of properties in real estate. The cute handsome big bodied hunk recently gifted Zari a new apartment which she will move into after leaving the house that Diamond Platinumz bought her.

The house King Bae bought for Zari

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