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Zari Remembers! Brings Back Old Feud With Fabiola On Miss Uganda 2019 Stage

As Uganda witnessed the birth of a new “beauty queen”, two old ones shocked the crowd with a public display of eternal “beef” that has consumed the two for over 3 years.

Zari was determined to show everyone that Fabiola was beneath her, treating her like an assistant and issuing her commands with the demeanor of a “Boss lady”. Fabiola wasn’t having any of it. She fought back just like she did in 2016 when she antagonized jealous Zari with a selfie of herself with Diamond in Los Angeles during the BET Awards a gesture Zari did not take well.

Big media outlets like New Vision capitalized on the story with big headlines “FABIOLA STEALS DIAMON ZARI” Zari took the battle to snapchat saying the young Fabiola would look like a squashed watermelon if she was to have a kid.

Ugandan’s who never disappoint didn’t help the situation as hounds of men cast their vote on who of the two full-figured brown “belle’s” they would rather have as a bedfellow whereas most women asked to be allowed to review the situation when Fabiola pops a few kids to make the playing field even. Women sympathetic to Zari threw a few cheap shots taking issues of dermatologists in their own hands suggesting Anita must be bleaching because some of her parts were not evened out.

Back to yesterday, The actual beauty contest for which the function was organized paled in comparison to the ongoing contest between the two old queens. See for yourself in the video below.

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