Bosslady Zari Speaks Out On Feud with Fabiola

Guest celebrity Judge Zari Hussein and Miss Uganda Cohost Anita Fabiola all looked zestful and spectacular on the glamorous night of the grand finale of Miss Uganda 2019 last friday. The breathtaking slay queens left male revelers and fans watching the event on TV fascinated with their stylish fashion sense and elegantly endowed bodies which left many of them with their tongues wagging.

Zari and Anita Fabiola

Whatever they use to maintain their gushing beauty and healthy anatomies radiant remains a mystery we might never know. The two light skinned damsels made headlines once again during the event and this time they took it a notch higher when they started a verbal altercation live on the set stage before announcing the winners of the prestigious competition. After the duos unprofessional burst-up on stage Zari came out on her social media handles to explain why she went off on Fabiola during the show.

“Some people want to step on other peoples toes to prove point, which is something I couldn’t let happen. As women, we are supposed to lift each other up but not show disrespect.”

Zari announcing the winner of Miss uganda after her feud with Fabiola

How it all started?

Well, all the bickering started at the Miss Uganda finale at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel when the nights MC Fabiola called Zari “Mama”  while inviting her on stage – and that reference didn’t go down well with the boss lady.

After receiving the microphone Zari went off script and heckled at the MC for introducing her in such a manner . She felt that by being called “Mama”, Fabiola was indirectly throwing shots at her trying to put her down and she saw it as a sign of disrespect. 

Some people think this was a popularity stunt pulled off magically by Zari – and what better way than at The Miss Uganda Pageant finale. We can’t rule this allegation invalid since we all know how Zari yearns for social recognition just like a fat girl yearns for a date on prom night.

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