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Stella Nyanzi Flashes Breasts During Judgement, Chaos Ensues In Court after She Is Given a Guilty Verdict

Ugandans can never stop loving the drama that Stella Nyanzi has created in the media over the past three years. The outspoken Research Fellow from Makerere University has done it again this time in a court proceeding in which she was convicted guilty for cyber harassment against his excellency the president of this country Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Stella Nyanzi is known for her controversial style and vulgar profane language that she uses to express her views and opinions on anything that bothers her, ranging from her feelings about her former supervisor and boss Professor Mamudhani to the political views she has on how this country is being governed. During her court proceeding yesterday she stripped infront of the cameras and flashed her breasts in a video conferenced session in protest of her judgement the same way she did three years back in Makerere University After being locked out of her office over misconduct. Stella did not physically appear in court yesterday and recieved her verdict via video conferencing while in Luzira prison. This prompted her to protest the manner in which she recieved her verdict since she wanted to appear before court to hear her verdict infront of the Buganda Road magistrate.

Stella Protesting in court

Stella shouted vulgar words on screen before the court session proceeded while she undressed her self claiming that her intention was to indeed annoy President Museveni and disturb his peace Stella begged for a guilty plea claiming that she is guilty of annoying the president a charge she was acquitted of by Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu who claimed there was no sufficient evidence to show how she annoyed the President. Nyanzi’s actions forced the court technical team to switch off the live video feed from the detention room Nyanzi was in. The remarks made by nyanzi sent the court room into a frendzy after her sympathetic supporters started cheering her name.

The magistrate sentenced the Doctor to 18 months in prison after giving her a guilty verdict on cyber harassment charges for a post she made on facebook in which Nyanzi stated that she wished President Museveni’s late mother squeezed him out of her vagina to save Uganda from the 30 years of tyranny she claims the country has been through.

As court proceeded an angry supporter of Nyanzi hurled a bottle at the grade one magistrate prompting arrests to be made during the session in order to calm down the seemingly rowdy crowd that kept on heckling at the Magistrate as she attempted to make her judgement. 6 FDC youth were arrested in the process.

Stella Nyanzi supporters protesting

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