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Olympian Simone Biles Lands Two Never-Before Completed Super Hero like Moves To Win Title In A Historical Moment.

It was a proud moment last week for  22 year old Simone Biles who continued to break barriers unquestionably defending the national title for the 6th time by pulling off two moves that had never been successfully completed in mankind’s’ history. 

During the 2019 US Gymnastics Championships, Simone performed a double-twisting, double somersault dismount on the beam a feat worthy of legendary fictional Chinese monks to take home her sixth national all-around win. 

Later in an interview with the New York Times, Biles said that the triple-double is “the hardest move in the world.”

It took Edison 1000 tries to event the light bulb, and like all barrier breakers, Biles had originally attempted the triple-double several times before but without much success on her landing, as she would always lose balance, Sunday was her special day as the Super Heroine nailed the move to make history. 

Other competitors spoke highly of her, Sunisa Lee in who also competed alongside Biles at the championship said to The Daily Mail, “She does stuff that I never thought people could do.” 

Bile is young and still going, we can’t wait for more extraordinary stuff from her.

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