Ugandan Con Artists Have Updated Their Tricks. Here is The New List. Don’t Be Caught Off Gaurd!

There is no get-rich-quick scheme equal to a poor girl marrying a rich man jokes aside here are seven new tricks kampala tricksters are employing that you should be aware of.

Supply of donkey and horse drugs

Someone claiming to be from Speke Resort Munyonyo calls with an opportunity for you to supply donkey and horse drugs. They even give you insider knowledge on where to buy it and all you have to do is be a middle man and “chew” your “clean” money. If you agree, they request you to bring over samples from the supplier so you can be certified by the procurement officers as one able to deliver. The dealer sells you samples of $100. The samples are really dust and pounded dodo!  At this time the “contractors switch off their phones and you are left alone with your purchase to console you.

The Celebrity Asking for Money Hoax

Con men create fake facebook accounts and groups in the name of famous celebrities asking money for a cause or a service. One of the latest outcries were from mama Fina who promised 10milliion to whoever delivers her the con artist using her name to get money from unsuspecting individuals. She alleged the con artist targeted Ugandan workers in the middle east! This actually creates an even bigger question, If mama Fina has magical powers to catch thieves of other people’s stolen property, why does she run TV ads asking for people to deliver her imposter?

Another Celebrity whose name has been used is Kyagulanyi. In his case the imposters ask for money to support the people power movement.

Help me with my phone code!

This is old, but still works on some guys. Someone calls you claiming that they are doing an important online registration but accidentally used your number that seems close enough to theirs and they were sent a code for verification. They kindly ask you to read the code and walla! They have access to your social media accounts. With open access, they send out messages to everyone you know asking for money to solve an urgent problem.

The Mercy Vendors

These ones play the long game. They target the church devotees, those obligated to help the needy or feel condemned when they turn their backs on the afflicted one.

They send out friend requests to you introducing themselves as churchmates. They will even look you up at church and forge a friendship that is almost authentic. When you are fully reeled in, they reveal their mercy project to you. It could be an orphanage with a few kids they are looking after. They have you visit and before you know it, you are paying to support their cause. Well, this is usually carefully staged and hard to differentiate from the genuine ones.

The beautiful robber

Here a beautiful young woman lures a man into a relationship. These women are usually sophisticated and drive themselves. This puts the man at ease as thieves are often thought to be poor. One fateful date, she arrives to pick her date with men hiding in the back seat. They drug him and rob him clean.

The ones who sell you your number plate

During the night, guys come and pluck off your number plate form your car and leave their phone number behind. When you call, they demand 100k to return it. URA will charge 220k for a replacement and the hustle is much longer. You opt to pay the con artists and be done with it.

The Good Samaritan

You are driving and two guys on a bodaboda wave to you pointing at your car tyres. When you stop, they tell you that one of your tyers has low pressure and offer to help you. Before long your tyer is off! These usually will charge you for labor and if you are unlucky, they go with other vehicle parts.


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