Diamond Platinumz fires Harmonize

We can reliably inform you that Harmonize is no longer a singer under Tanzanian powerhouse record label Wasafi records owned by fellow Bongo Flavor star Diamond Platinumz.

The two have always been known to be close friends according to the way they appear in their music videos and at one point people mistook them for being related a thing which is not true.

However, ever since Harmonize became a superstar, people started comparing him to his boss Diamond Platinums and it was imminent that the Konde boy was soon to face a rough time with his boss due to social media and their fans.

Diamond’s woes with his former employee have not started today. At one time the ‘African Beauty’ star accused Harmonize of being greedy. Their differences became mainstream when Diamond told the media that he had fired his bodyguard Mwarabu because he had an affair with Harmonize’s girlfriend, Sarah, a thing that rubbed the ‘Kainama’ singer the wrong way.

Harmonize went ahead to delete WCB records from his portfolio on his social media pages and also started following Diamond Platinumz’ nemesis Ali Kiba on Instagram!

Meanwhile, it is reported that Harmonize is to start his own music label which he intends to name Konde Gang and wants to recruit new musicians due to his love for supporting young talent.
We only wish you the best brother but we are surely going to miss your crazy dance moves and club banging songs with Diamond.

Written by sigmund

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