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Nigerians Plead With Boko Haram To Go To South Africa: Ugandan Artis Condemn Xenophobia Attacks

In what started as a simple revolt in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province of South Africa when the natives became violent and started causing malicious damage both to lives and property has even caught the attention of celebrities especially on the African continent.
These violent uprisings have now spread across the whole country and the most affected people are the Nigerians although other Africans are affected. These South African natives blame these African migrants for taking their jobs hence rendering them unemployed. However, what seems odd is that these South Africans are only injuring fellow Africans and not Europeans, Asians, Indians or Americans.
Several musicians have come out to condemn this and call on the South African government and its people to desist from these acts that seem to plunge our continent. 
Apass, Ykee Benda and Harmonize are some of the celebrities that have come out to condemn this. In messages displayed on their social media pages, they called for unity and cautioned the African migrants in South Africa to be vigilant.
The Nigerians in Nigeria however, uploaded a video on social media in which they pleaded to Boko Haram leader to go to South Africa and rescue Nigerians that are being butchered and their businesses also getting looted. The Nigerian government has also warned its counterparts in Johannesburg that if they don’t take immediate action against these xenophobic acts, then they will be left with no choice but to also take action.

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