Mc Kats and Fille rekindle relationship

Abasajja mwenna mufanagana I dono why

Fille Mutoni

That song by Fille Mutoni was hitting at Mc Kats no questions about that. These two had one of the hardest celebrity breakups as they washed their dirty linen in public.
Fille was so furious and we all thought she would want nothing to do with her former manager ever again. Kats who seemed to be hurt together with friends tried to plead with Fille to come back but the ‘no money’ singer seemed to have heard enough of Katamba’s cassava and all the pleas fell on deaf ears.
However, recently the world was shocked when Mc Kats during his celebrity night show announced that he was getting back with Fille in order to put her into the place where she once belonged musically. It should be remembered that Fille successfully thrived under Kat’s management and was one of the best selling female musicians at the time but that seems to be a thing of the past.
Kats said that if ‘God can send his son that we forgive, who the f**k am I not to forgive. It is for this reason that I and Fille have decided to partner again and release good music that we once did. Kats seems to be a blessed fellow as big things keep trailing him. This follows after him being controversially fired from Wave lounge, he earned a job at Pearl of Africa hotel in less than a day and in the same week resumed his work with baby mama Filled.
And we are completely sure that Kats prayers have been answered and will soon resume his badminton games with Fille.

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