‘Clash of the Titans’ Chameleon hits back at Maddox

It seems the claim to Uganda’s greatest artist of all time is proving to be a contetious topic. We have gotten the latest addition to the ‘BBC’ (Bebecool, Bobiwine, and Chameleon) in the name of Maddox Ssemanda Ssematimba.
In recent days Maddox came out to discredit Leone Island boss and Kampala lord mayor aspirant Joseph Mayanya aka Dr. José chameleon as a living legend. The Namagembe singer said that he was much more of a legend than Chameleon because his music has stood the test of time and is still being played despite being released in the early and mid 2000s.
However, the valu valu singer came out and lashed at the reggae star for still reasoning like a baby despite his mature age. ‘It’s unfortunate that Maddox at his age still thinks like that, maybe he should be given a pen and paper and get tasked to list the list of legends if that gives him peace of mind’.
Meanwhile, Rubaga south Mp Kato Lubwama came out quickly to rubbish Maddox’s claims and said that Chameleon is a great pillar of Uganda’s music a thing that Maddox has no claim too at all. We are not sure whether Maddox is creating this environment to hype his upcoming concert in October but we shall surely keep u updated about this saga.

Written by sigmund

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