We’ve found the Cure for COVID-19 -Former Kyambogo Student.

The CEO of Robert Research Group Robert Mijumbi who did a BSc Bio-Tech Kyambogo University is making rounds on social media for allegedly finding the cure to Coronavirus.

The young man who seems to be working from a laboratory in Bweyogere released a video on April 8th, 2020 claiming to have a working cure for Corona Virus.

He says he used Enzymology as the principle underlying the design of the Covid 19 Virus cure.

Robert showed off a container that would serve as a single shot administered intravenously to cure any coronavirus patient at any stage of the disease.

Minjumbi says that they were able to rapidly develop this cure because the COVID 19 virus is Taxonomically related to HIV in that they are both enveloped and Positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses that use the host cytoplasm as the site of assembly.

Robert Minjubi says based on the composition of the miracle enzyme, they won’t have any side effects on humans.

Minjumbi says his company has technological limitations and would take them 10 days to produce the enzyme making it extremely difficult to raise sufficient quantities to treat 1000 people.

Minjumbi is reaching out to the government, pharmaceutical industries bioscience research establishments and venture capitalists to seize the opportunity and have a slice of the would-be highly sought out pandemic solution.

The public has had mixed reactions to Minjumbi’s claims, from some claiming he’s the face of the French trying to test their medicine in Africa to others praising his brilliance. Many are sceptical saying nothing good can come from Kyambogo.

I will leave my personal feelings out of this one and report it as it is.

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