Why The Chinese Are Harassing and Evicting African Immigrants from Apartments after Lockdown lift

Videos have been all over social media showing enraged Chinese citizens evicting African Immigrants from apartments and denying them refuge in their hotels.

The blacks married to Chinese women are randomly and indiscriminately tested in their own homes while their Chinese wives are not bothered with.

Those affected are mainly immigrants from Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and Kenya who have resorted to sleeping on the streets and appealing to their home countries to come to their rescue.

Diplomats from various countries including Uganda, Nigeria, and the US have put pressure on the Chinese administration demanding answers to why their citizens are being unjustly targeted!

Evicted African Immigrants

Most of these incidences have been happening after lockdown restrictions have been lifted in several Chinese areas including Wuhan where the virus was first detected allowing residents to leave the city for the first time.

This however presents a risk of a second wave of infection as asymptomatic cases could move about undetected.

Nigerians Test Positive and Affect

It’s said that this week, five Nigerians tested positive for COVID-19. These are part of the black immigrants who didn’t leave China during the time the epidemic was at its peak. Some didn’t leave because they expected better health care in China than their home countries while others because of monetary issues.

It’s alleged that the men who tested positive broke quarantine and frequented a restaurant where they infected the owner who later passed the virus to her 8-year-old daughter!

This is what sparked the Anti-African sentiments among the native Chinese population. Many African Immigrants don’t have a place to sleep, are burred from public restaurants, shops and the police won’t come to their aid.

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