10 Great Examples Of Drupal Commerce Websites

We rave about Skullcandy pretty often, but it’s hard to do better than this with an ecommerce store. They expertly offset bright colors with a signature black website design to create a sleek, luxurious feeling. Products are easy to discover, review in great detail on video, and then read on the specs.

All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who’ve spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it’s intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We’re never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog. They must stand out sufficiently from the rest of your website’s design that they draw customer attention effortlessly. Contrasting colors and descriptive button text are vital, as is their placement on a page.

e-commerce website example

Analogous colors are often used together in a gradient, to give a bit of life to a page background or bestow a slight 3D effect on buttons. Complementary colors are great for smaller elements where you want to split up space or draw some attention, but their usage takes a little more care to ensure they look good. Colors without a close relationship often don’t look good together at all.

Ecommerce or electronic commerce refers to a business model that involves sales transactions being done on the web. Virtually every online shopping website – big or small – follows this structure. Any site where you can obtain items for sale over the internet is considered an ecommerce website. We hear of ecommerce being dropped all over the digital world and many people see it as the future of retail. If you have an ecommerce business or if you are planning to build one, here is a quick guide to building ecommerce websites that attract profits and repeat business.

Great Examples Of Drupal Commerce Websites

Fortunately, there’s tons of data available today about what works in web design and what doesn’t. The best colors , fonts, layouts, images, and everything else can all be backed up with real numbers that show which design choices customers prefer. Customers will always spend more time and energy on a website they like, and this includes all types of engagement from reading to buying, so it’s worthwhile to follow these guidelines. Social media dominates online conversations and will soon do the same with ecommerce.

  • Ordering too much product can be expensive and wasteful, but not ordering enough can hold up progress on the job.
  • More and more people are feeling more secured on buying and selling online because of its development.
  • In the sidebar, click Website and then Edit Site to open the site builder.
  • Checkout is where the customer enters their payment and shipping information and completes their order.
  • Maybe someone told you that you could make your business more efficient by changing some things.
  • Use lifestyle photos to help customers picture themselves using your products.

On average, ecommerce websites have 12.8 fields in the checkout flow. But you capture all the customer data you need within 6-to-8 fields. Revelry knows that swatches are the shortcut to any bride’s wallet when it comes to the bridesmaids’ dresses — not to mention free sample delivery and at-home try-ons for the entire party. Both options have a prominent spot on the e-tailer’s homepage, along with excellent category navigation that allows customers to discover different dress styles, materials, and colors. I’m ready to start building or already have my own ecommerce store. Learn how you can provide greater customer convenience and drive repeat B2B sales through eCommerce.

By providing personalized offers, you can demonstrate to customers that you’re paying attention to who they are and what they want. Customers nearly always turn to product reviews to help them with their buying decisions, so having a prominent review section on each product page can boost your sales. This also shows customers that you care about their feedback and invites them to speak their minds. Some website builders make these tasks needlessly difficult — if not impossible — by preventing you from customizing or even accessing the things you’d need to optimize. However, the best eCommerce platforms go the opposite route and let you edit everything you need to, through a convenient, easy-to-use interface. Search Engine Optimization is essential for helping customers find your website.

Best Ecommerce Platform For Getting Up And Running Quickly

Most calls are answered in under two minutes, with over 85% of issues are resolved on the first call. Whether you are launching your first online store or your one hundredth, BigCommerce provides the support you need through each and every stage of your growth. If you don’t feel like creating your store design from scratch, you can take a look around our theme store. With 150+ unique designs, you are bound to find something that pleases your eye. Browse options based on grid type, product catalog layout or industry. You can also review the best ecommerce themes, picked by our staff.

e-commerce website example

A customer visiting your website should feel like you respect their time and value their attention, not as if you’re forcing them to play “Where’s Waldo?” to hunt down the relevant points. Even though we can scroll down on websites, the most important information should still be placed high enough on the page that a visitor can see it immediately, without scrolling down. Placing your website’s most important content above the fold means a better chance of instantly engaging your customers. Both analogous and complementary colors can be used to achieve harmony in a design.

Experts Advice On Ecommerce Website Design

Some platforms are much more limited than others when it comes to the type and quality of optimizations you can make. Keep this in mind as you choose an eCommerce platform for your startup. Your ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy from you, from beginning to end of their purchasing journey. This means every aspect of your website needs to behave perfectly and be as convenient as possible.

e-commerce website example

The onboarding wizard walks you through adding your products, customizing the look of your store, connecting your own domain, and getting set up to take those all-important payments. For small businesses looking to sell online, we identified five key features that every platform had to offer. There are other good platforms out there, but if they don’t offer a feature on the list, they didn’t make the cut. A lot goes into the perfect eCommerce website, and we mean a lot. If you’ve made it this far, you certainly understand that by now.

Read on the features, functionalities and 3rd party integration used by these companies. You can even import content from an existing site or Google My Business listing. And, of course, you can dive in and customize things further once Wix’s robo-designers are done. Sign up for a credit card-free 14-day trial, and within a few minutes, you can have a first build of your store ready to go.

How Do Odoo E

You can find information about the acceptable text-to-image ratio in Facebook’s advertising guidelines. Will help you avoid jagged edges, and luckily, it’s much easier to remove backgrounds from logos and other elements than it is from product photos. You may also want to remove backgrounds so you can add “floating” product photos to a promotional banner, so it’s always worth learning the advanced techniques. As the viewer looks at the page, they’ll need some quick moments to pause and let their eyes rest as they absorb the information they just took in. If you don’t provide them with these moments of rest, they’ll get overwhelmed and turn away from your website. Your site’s layout is critical for giving your visitors a comfortable environment to absorb the information you’re presenting to them.

Mobile responsiveness is critical to the success of an ecommerce website. More than 46% of consumers complete their entire purchase process on smartphones, with even around 75% admitting that they abandon sites that aren’t optimized for mobile. A responsive ecommerce platform can ensure that visitors from all sorts of devices have equally great on-site experience — without any design constraints.

Pam Kerr Designs

Google Customer Reviews allow visitors to opt in to receive a quick survey in which they can rate their satisfaction with your website overall. Displaying a five-star rating from Google is sure to increase trust in your website. Your pages’ heading structure is also important, as it provides another signal to the search engine as to what the page is actually about. The URL of each page can serve a similar purpose if you structure it to include human-readable keywords.

Use lifestyle photos to help customers picture themselves using your products. Lifestyle photos show your products being used by people or kept in homes. Handling PCI compliance alone is time-consuming and expensive, but fortunately, some payment providers and eCommerce platforms have PCI compliance built in, and manage it so you don’t have to. If your website takes any of that convenience away, they’re likely to decide to do their shopping elsewhere. Since the checkout process is the most technical part of your site, it’s the leading cause of “friction,” i.e. loss of convenience. Your eCommerce software plays a heavy role in how well your website functions, in both performance and available features.

To design a high-performing website, you need to understand your target audience and the best way to reach it. Both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer ecommerce websites have the same agenda — make a sale. Such ecommerce solutions won’t limit your design capabilities to create beautiful and unique websites, and you don’t need to build core commerce functionality from the ground up. Open source platforms are like a blank canvas that, with enough time and effort, can be turned into any kind of ecommerce website. However, you are creating everything from scratch, which means having a coder and a designer on call.

Delight prompts consumers to complete their purchase and then shop some more. What ignites that sense of delight and takes a brand to the next level? The best marketing tools in the world won’t help if your site leaves them wanting.

Best Ecommerce Platform For Adding A Shopping Cart To An Existing WordPress Site

Branding is a powerful asset for building emotional connections with your audience and turning them into vocal brand advocates. Four out of five customers are more willing to promote a long-time favorite brand. Ask the shopper to provide the basic information first (email/pass) or even log in with one of their social accounts. Remember, every extra step during registration increases the chances of churn. Wait to request shipping and billing details until after the registration is complete.

They also had to be able to make it fit with their existing brand reasonably well by being able to use their own brand assets and color schemes. It can be challenging to figure out how much your personal taste might be influencing you when you decide on the best look for your website, especially if you’re building a more unique eCommerce store. Is your favorite color really the best color for your website’s background?

Solo Stove website is an admirable example of how to use iconography in ecommerce. The fire pit manufacturer made custom icons for each product category to better convey what they are selling and highlight some of the main product specs. How-to product videos, illustrations and FAQ sections highlight their main point further — their products are durable, easy-to-use and well worth the price.

In terms of storefront customization, Square is a little more limited than some of the other options. Instead of picking a theme that does most of the work, with Square you have to make your own design using the site builder—or you can hire a designer from $99 to do it for you. Let’s give this a quick example using Shopify’s current pricing. There’s also a 2% transaction fee if you want to use a different payment gateway.

Using pre-made design elements, you can rapidly prototype attention-grabbing and click-inducing product listings without writing a single line of code. Create interactive customer experiences, level up your content marketing game and add new supporting pages to your sales funnel without calling the dev team. Navigation is an umbrella term for all the UI elements users can use to reach specific information on your website.

This gives your customer proper expectations and better shopping experience. If you do want to go the do-it-yourself route and use a site builder, the first step is to find the best ecommerce website builder for small business. Building your website on your own might sound intimidating, but one of the best innovations the world of programming shared to us is website builders.

At the same time, you can customize your back-end to match your operations by pairing the in-built core commerce with external integrations. Now that you know how ecommerce web design differs for B2B websites, how to create ecommerce website let’s circle back to B2C commerce and review a couple of examples. Browse the website to understand if you like the navigation, find the layouts effective, and all design elements intuitive and good-looking.

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