Frank Gashumba Tells Gods Plan To Stop Eating His Daughter

Controversial loud mouthed public figure Frank Gashumba has hit out at his daughter’s lover God’s plan in a recent Facebook post. God’s Plan who happens to be Sheilah Gashumba Boyfriend has been dating Frank Gashumba’s daughter for more than a year now after she dumped fading rapper Fik Fameika after his flopped Kyadondo concert last year. Frank does not seem to be amused by this development since the young Don has not approached him to share his intentions on the plans he has for his daughter after a year of dating.

Sheila gashumba and her lover God ‘s plan

Motor mouthed Frank in a recent facebook post came out to hit out at all men who date women for more than a year without any plans to marry them indirectly putting his daughters love life in the firing zone, stinging the couple for wasting time hosting lavish parties and shutting down bars with bags of catch without any constructive development in-terms of marriage and commitment.

We hope God’s plan has heard Frank Gashumba’s Cry and heeded to his call to get his daughter introduced to the rest of their family soon. Rumour has been going around that God’s plan is planning to put a ring on it soon we shall be watching the space at spotlight magazine to keep you up to date.

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