Kanyamunyus Girlfriend in hot soup after boyfriend’s confession

Last week we saw a turn in events in the curious case of Akena’s murder trail.

A video that has been making social media rounds shows the embattled Kanyamunyu kneeling before Akena’s family and Acholi elders asking for forgiveness for the alleged murder of their son.

We still use the words alleged because of the court case that is still underway in which Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari are accused of the murder of the late Akena.

This however means that Kanyamunyu’s brother and girlfriend Cythia were thrown under the bus after they went all in to conceal and withhold incriminatory evidence against Kanyamunyu under oath.

The collaborated story between the trio was that the bullet that hit Akena was meant for the girlfriend Cynthia because of her political connections. They backed this up with the notion that her aunt Hafsa Mossi, former Burundi representative to the East African Parliament was assassinated and thus her life was in danger as well.

However, with the recent revelations, the work of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) just got easier. Justice Jane Frances Abodo had written earlier to the Principal Judge, Flavia Zeija about the delay in the resumption of the murder trial. While the Acholi justice system may demand 10 head of cattle and three goats as the blood compensation, the state follows a different set of rules.

All this can’t be good for Cynthia the girlfriend. The public welcomed the apology of Kanyamunyu, however, it expected Cynthia to kneel right next to him just as she stood right beside him through the assault and the lies. Could the absence of Cynthia mean the two were not in agreement over the confession?

According to the Newvision, Caleb Alaka, one of the lawyers representing Kanyamunyu, said he was not aware of the ongoing reconciliation! Could this be a sign of conflict of approach in Kanyamunyus camp?
We are likely going to see three convicted persons by the state for crimes ranging from manslayer, purgery, abetting, Complicity, or whatever the learned people call it.

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