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Talented Artistes That Have Failed To Amount To Their Full Potential.

Uganda is a robust scene with a number of fresh musical talents coming up in the entertainment industry every now and then. Many have come and stayed but many have also come and gone while others have stayed around though in an almost incognito state.

There are those musicians who have hit our airwaves and oh my you wish that you could continuously listen to the musical vibes they churn out. Artists can produce mad tunes and keep you anticipating their next track but boy oh boy the fire that they come with can at certain times burn out.

I mean the musicians that have made it to this list have loads of talent in them but right now even Fresh Daddy is a bigger topic than them and they would surely yearn to get a collabo with him in order to revive their static music careers.

I know there is that favorite musician you once loved but they have failed to hit the ground running. Let’s take a stroll through some of our very own talented musicians who have struck us with awe musically but have failed to live up to the standard we expected them to have achieved by now.

1. Raba Daba

The ‘Lunyiriri” singer hit the ground running in 2009 after working on a collaboration with the Goodlyf crew on the hit track titled ‘Ability’. This was his breakthrough hit and he never looked back churning out hit after hit.

Sharif Seguya released hits such as ‘ Lunyiriri’, ‘Bwekiri’ among others and he was the talk of the town at the time. Raba Daba was so talented that even renowned Jamaican dance hall artiste Beenie man came to Uganda to give him a nod. 

Well, unfortunately, it seems Raba Daba’s popularity got to his head and he started disrespecting the media forgetting that the media was an integral part in his rise. This would later play a big part in his downfall.

Raba daba has tried to make a come back several times through different collaborations such as the ‘Your body’ hit track, but this was not enough to give him that much-desired comeback since then the immensely talented musician has gone dark again

2. Michael Ross

Our own version of the American stars such as Usher Raymond, Mario and Chris Brown, the ‘Senorita’ singer was the boy of the early 2000s.

A great dancer coupled with his great vocals, Michael Kakooza Ross had the touch of a true RnB star that Uganda had never seen but the audience did not embrace him the way he deserved simply because the people were still used to Lingala music and Jamaican Dancehall was the next big thing by then.

Supposedly, if he was in the States he would have been a great superstar because of his attributes, but unfortunately, in Uganda by the turn of the decade, the musician’s popularity faded. He collaborated with Navio recently on the hit song ‘number one’ ,but this was not able to give him the relevancy necessary to take him to the big star status he deserved.

Michael of recent has relocated to the states I think to look for Gynue Wine to get the collabo he was promised after being bounced off the stage the American singer was performing on while on his Ugandan tour in Kampala last year.

3. Allan Toniks

The ‘ Romance’ singer was the reincarnation of Michael Ross.He had the looks and the swag which was a big plus when doing RnB music and great vocals.

Allan Ampaire hit the airwaves in 2008 in collabo titled ‘Beera nange’ during his time at Mubs in Nakawa and this was a hit instantly that got people talking about the young and budding singer.

Toniks took the Ugandan RnB Music scene by storm releasing tune after tune and these included among ‘nze akwagala’ a collabo with Os Suuna, ‘Tukyekole’ ‘Taano ni taano’ ‘swag meter a collabo with Zambian singer Roberto and the smash hit ‘Dat gal’.

After these smash hits Toniks went into silence which the musician attributes to a life threatening sickness he suffered from that almost claimed his life. Fortunately the musician is still around, Toniks resurfaced last year with his smash hit single Romance which did quite well and of recent released another song titled Falling which he featured Fille.

We feel Toniks gauging by his talent has not yet hit that peak of his career where we really want to see him and we only hope that his music re-awakening gives him the stable ground to get running again.

4. GNL Zamba

Don’t you feel like the current lugaflow rappers are not doing enough justice to their fans. Some are even not doing the real thing but are simply jokers after ‘mazikke’.

The Lugave boy came into limelight around 2009 with his track soda ginjale which quite did well and the whole nation gave him attention. Luga flow had been around for a while but not doing well with the likes of Rocky Giant, Babaluku the only ones available.

Soon the boy from Kawempe married the game of Lugaflow ,but unfortunately for Zamba the game broke its vows after the dazzling rapper got married to a white american babe whom he later fled with to the States.

Zamba had released hits such as Kikankane, Story ya Luuka, collaborated with Blu3 on Kakana which did well and other tracks. He also had a label called Baboon Forest that had the likes of Mun G and Big Tril.

Zamba simply exhibited what hip-hop is all about poetry and art and not simply shouting. He currently does folk free styling and has been pursuing an acting career in Hollywood for almost a decade now.

5. Chozen Blood

The former TNS singer and rejectee has surely failed to establish himself as a reliable artist on the local scene. Getting his breakthrough with the hit song Pressure ya love which was a collaboration with Walden in 2011, the two went on to release several other songs together until Walden quit singing to concentrate on her radio career.

Chozen Blood then started the hustle as a solo artiste but has failed to nail a spot for himself in the RnB field and the local scene as a whole.

He is a singer who you feel that has the ability to be a great singer because of his great vocals. Jeff Kiwa looked like he was going to do the magic for the musician after he did quite well while in TNS releasing the chat topping collabo ‘Waddawa’ with Sheebah and followed it with other songs such as ‘slay queen’.

However, in a short time he vanished from TNS after clashing several times with some of the label’s leaders. The musician has simply resorted to becoming a one-hit-wonder and then takes centuries to resurrect again.

He is currently eating on his collabo with Winnie Nwagi ‘Yitayo Ondabeko’ which has done quite well ever since it as released so please Mr Chozen Blood stop Juggling music and settle down because you can do better than that.

6. A Pass

This goat seems to be everywhere, want a good thing he will be there, want a controversy look out for him, a negative thing he won’t miss out, he is simply a clown.

Did you listen to Alexander Bagonza in 2014 when he had come onto the scene, man or woman whoever you are, you will agree with me that this dude was Uganda’s next big thing. Able to do almost all genres of music, Apass is surely a great talent but needs to pull up his socks and give his music more time than craving for social media likes like a pregnant woman craving for raw mangoes.

His Tuli ku bigere album which had the likes of Am loving, Tuli ku bigere, Dance hall, Wuuyo, his collabo with Lilian Mbabazi Memories truly showed that Apass was a genius then interwoven with his writing skills.

Can you even imagine that Ykee Benda took over Apass yet he is an infant musically compared to Apass. Please Bagonza get serious with your music and stop your social media comedy, Konshens won’t be happy that you did not use the platform he gave you.

7. Ziza Bafana

He was the Shaba Ranks, Buju Banton we had and Konshens was impressed by this dude’s music when he came here around 2012.

Richard Kasendwa came on to the music scene in 2010 with his collaboration together with David Lutalo and Eddy Kenzo and after that formed a singing duo together with Yiya Moze and together they released songs such as namagalo.

They later parted ways and Ziza bafana found the magic that held him back and every song he released became a club banger. Songs such as Gyayo ntekeyo, Tulli majje, Friendly match among others made him a superstar.

However, the way he went silent nobody knows as he’s been off the scene for almost two years. He recently released two songs in a bid to reincarnate his music career.We only hope that he can establish himself again and become a daily household item again.

8. Lilian Mbabazi

Wow, this is a true talent and most of you will agree with me that she did not amount to her full potential. One of the best vocalists  we have ever had, she formed an integral part of the Blu3 girl group which owned the scene in its heyday and included the likes of Jacki Chandiru and Cindy.

However, after the group disintergrated the girls took solo paths and each of them did quite well and Lilian was no less. She released song such as Vitamin, Kaawa and all these did very well.

She got married to the late Goodlyf singer and the two bore two kids before their relationship went sour.

We only hope that she can make a musical comeback because it is painful to see some of the jokers doing well in the industry while the talented are on the bench.

9.  Vampino

Maybe his time expired but this lad was surely talented and a great entertainer. He started his career singing with Benon and they were popularly known as Benon & Vamposs. These two were some of the big dogs in the early 2000s but Benon later reverted to his Swangz Avenue label leaving Elvis Kirya alone on the scene.

Vampino managed to do well releasing some hit songs such as Kwekunyakunya and Smart wire, unfortunately, though he has failed to reach the great heights of Ugandan dance hall industry because we do believe he has all the necessary ingredients to make it there.

Written by sigmund

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