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The year 2020 has brought upon us the dawn of a new age of adaptability of technology usage worldwide. As the world still grapples with the devastating economic effects of COVID 19, whose spread and ramifications began at the end of last year. It’s a new opportunity for technology and a new adaptation in the way we run our operations globally in terms of sports, entertainment and politics.

The second Decade of the 21st century has gotten many of us fastening our seat belts and bracing ourselves with new ways to tackle a lot of unpredictability most especially in the political space. The US and African Politics is no exemption. Come tomorrow Americans cast their ballots, some of them from the comfort of their couches at home.

In an exclusive interview with Nick Sakwa who is a digital officer at Melbet Uganda which is an international sports betting brand and online gaming and gambling Website. Nick stated that It’s only a matter of time till we know who the next president of the world is and our team at Melbet would like you to take part in the fiasco.

“A lot of debate has gone on about who will win this upcoming presidential election, which is a hot and tightly contested race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.” Nick Stated, ” At Melbet Uganda we have something special for you. As always we believe in delighting in every moment of the game. You can play with us and predict the US presidential elections with the comfort of your smartphone or computer by visiting our website, or downloading our mobile application.”

Since tomorrow’s elections are going to be the centerpiece of world media no matter the outcome, Melbet would like you to join in on the fun and make a prediction on what presidential candidate and which political party will come out on top.

Melbet bring you the latest odds on the US presidential race, US senate race and the dominance of either the Republican or Democratic party in this week’s decider . Below are some interesting odds you can catch up on to make your stake and win.

US presidential election candidate Joe Biden win at odd 1.46, Trump win at odd 1.75

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It is interesting to note that this will be one of the rare times in a US election the Incumbent Donald Trump has a higher odd to win the elections than his opponent Joe Biden who is favored to win the race going by current opinion polls. But if one goes by recent US electoral trends you wouldn’t be quick to count out Donald Trump after he surprised 2016 Presidential favorite Hillary Clinton, and clinched the General elections after winning more than 303 electoral colleges out of a possible 538. Trump achieved the feet while all pre-election numbers and statistics were stacked against him. It will also be no surprise if Trump gets a second term in the Oval Office , because he does have a history of pulling a cat out of the bag.

Below are some interesting odds you can stake on in tomorrow’s upcoming US elections.

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Nick, went on to state that “This year’s US general election promises to be a nail-biting fest that will keep the world media glued to their screens. As for now, we will have to wait another 24 hours + to get to know who the next President-elect of the United States will be.”

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