prophet mbonye
Prophet Mbonye

The richest pastors in Uganda unearthed

Uganda is home to many religious denominations partly owing this to the hospitality of the people in the Pearl.

Over the past couple of years, however, the born again Christians have taken centre stage dominating the religious affairs of the country.

From the controversial part to acting as safe haven for the many sheep that flock these areas, the pastors of the different churches in and around Kamapala have amassed ridiculous amounts of great wealth.

It is not clear whether these ‘men of God’ get this wealth at the expense of their unsuspecting flock but the truth is most of these pastors live an A-list life close to the kind of Hollywood movie stars.

These pastors have great assets ranging from mansions, luxurious cars, real estate to big media houses and as spotlight we take a look at some of Uganda’s richest men of the Gospel.

With no particular order, let’s take a look through the creme de la creme of pastors in Uganda.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

Born 47 years ago in Masaka, Bugingo is a businessman besides his pastoral work. He ended up on the streets of Kampala after having fled the tyranny of his uncle in Masaka who even prevented him from pursuing higher education as he has testified in several of his sermons.

Bugingo did a few odd jobs soon as he came to Kampala to make ends meet such as working as a houseboy to even hawking.

According to Bugingo he found his haven in Christ in 1992 at Watoto church and went on to serve as a pastor at Victory church in Ndeeba where he served under veteran pastor, Joseph Sserwada.

He also served as a talk show host on Impact FM. Bugingo later in 2010 left Victory church and together with his then wife Teddy Bugingo founded their own church at Bat Valley Theatre along Bombo road.

Bugingo has been involved in alot of public feuds which include burning Bibles that he claimed were misleading the flock but won the case in court.

He has also been accused of spreading slander against his fellow pastors who he accuses of being false prophets. He was also involved in a nasty breakup with his ex baby mama, fellow pastor at HPMI after he fell for one of the presenters in his media company a one Susan Makula.

Among the wealth Bugingo has amassed over the years is Salt Media company where he is the director. A luxurious mansion worth billions of shillings in Namayumba in Wakiso district and a number of posh cars are also among the properties Bugingo has.

Bugingo also sometime back asked his followers to contribute 20M USD to fund the building of his church located in Makerere Kikoni dubbed as the African Pentagon after the famous Pentagon house in the US.

This money was contributed in a period less than two years and the works are yet to commence at ‘Canaan Land’ to build the thousand seater church.

The pastor was embroiled in a legal battle with his former pastoral wife, Teddy Bugingo where he claimed that she was using their children to try and grab church land.

Bugingo was one of the people who contributed to the government in its fight against covid 19 when it had just hit in. The Kikoni based pastor contributed a whooping 100 million UGX to the state coffers. His net worth is estimated to be around 300 million USD.

With no doubt owing to Bujjingo’s earlier life, of having nothing to show at all to the wealth he boasts of now, it is fair to say that the Lord he serves has surely blessed him abundantly and is now one of the richest pastors in the land.

Pastor Robert Kayanja

One of the veteran pastors and if not the most influential pastor, is none other than Rubaga based Miracle Centre Cathedral Pastor, Robert Kayanja.

He was born in Masooli Gayaza an outskirt of Kampala city. He is a pastor, motivational speaker, author and business man.

Pastor Kayanja is married to Pastor Jessica Kayanja with whom thy have three kids together and the two tied the knot in 1992.

As many fellow other pastors,’ Kayanja started his church from scratch while a poor young man.

The first structure of the church was made out of reed and papyrus built together with other young men that had the desire to serve their God. Today the strucure seats over 10,000 people

Pastor Kayanja’s life is one that is not short of the word glamorous. He has a beautiful mansion by the lakeside in Ggaba along the shores of Lake Victoria seated on three acres of land.

After being accused of amassing alot of wealth to build the house, he told his critics that this house was a matrimonial gift to his wife and they should work hard too so that God would bless the work of their hands.

Kayanja also has fleet of luxururious cars among them a Lexus 2017 model valued at over 600 milion UGX.

The pastor is also said to be into real state owning huge chunks of land around Lake Victoria and othe parts allover Kampala.

He is also said to be an importer of different commodities into the country through which his financial muscle has soared. The Pastor is also the owner of popular christian Channel 44.

The ‘man of God’ does not stop at enriching himself financially but is also a great philantropist.

He was seen distributing foodstuffs to different communities in the early phase of Covid 19. He at one time spearheaded a campaign of distributing food aid to South Sudan and was applauded by the president.

He is also the chairperson of Afri aid an NGO and his net worth is estimated to be over 800M USD.

Pastor Samuel Kakande

Perhaps the most controversial pastor in the country is none other than Synagogue Curch of All Nations Pastor Samuel Kakande.

The church is located at Kubbiri in Mulago and its here that controversy has brewed up along the years about the self procliamed man of God.

Perhaps the most contoversial acts from the so called man of God is his magical holy water that has thousands of flockers lining up with jerrycans every first Sunday of the month.

At one time the self proclaimed prophet was a talking point when he announed that he had introduced holy rice with a kilo going for a whooping fifty thousand Uganda shillings.

On a personal level, Kakande is a rich man as he possesses a number of assets to his name. He owns Aqua World and this same company donated relief aid in form of food to the task force in Mpigi district and was accompanied with 10 million shillings.

He also has a number of branches of his Kakande Ministries across the country. He has mentored a number of pastors in the country such as Bro Ronnie Makabi of ETM.

The self styled prophet is into agri business with huge plantations of rice and maize and herds of cattle.

He also does mining dealing majorly in diamonds, sand and gold. Just like other pastors, he’s not shy when it comes to splashing his monies on the latest wheels.

He owns a number of jeep cars among other posh vehicles.
It is widely reported that the ‘man of God’ is the richest with an estimated networth of over 900 million USD.

Pastor Elvis Mbonye

Perhaps this is the pastor that loves the most pompous and lavish lifestyle yet he is the youngest in the business gauging by the ones listed on this list above.

He is the founder of Zoe International ministries that is flocked by young University students who have heavily contributed to his wealth.

He’s also neither short of controversy with his ever unending prophecies that never come to pass most of which are seen by people to be out of his context.

He at one time predicted that Uganda would win the Afcon and the Cranes didn’t even go past the quarter finals.

He also recently claimed that Joe Biden would never be the president of the USA but is currently the president elect.

Screening through Mbonye’s wealth, he’s someone that God has abundantly blessed on his numerous trips to heaven where he usually ‘meeets God’.

Mbonye who was at one time prasied to be better than Jesus by local rapper Ruyonga possess a fleet of cars that are personalised with his name Elvis.

These include a wide number of range rovers that are valued between 400-600 million UGX.

The flamboyant pastor lives a very upscale life and does not shy away from letting that to be known and seen.

Most of the people in his church are corporate ones and these have contributed alot to his skyrocketing wealth.

The chair he seats on in his church is made out of gold and that clearly portrays what a man of high class he is.

He usually backs up that notion with a saying that his earthly life is a showpiece of what life is like in heaven.

Maybe his tales are correct, who are we to dispute a man who’s shared a cup of coffee with the Almighty on a couple of occassions.

Mbonye’s businesses are not well documented though it is widely reported that he’s into real estate and sources place his wealth between 115-120 milion USD.

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda

He’s the quite and not so controversial one though he’s also a vetarn in the pastoral business.

He is the lead pastor at Victory Church in Ndeeba and has mentored a number of pastors such as Bugingo.

The former primary teacher now turned pastor is into doing retail trade and real estate business and is worth an outrageous 800-900 million USD.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga

The list would not be complete without mentioning the Christian Life Church leader.

The church is situated in Makerere Kavule and the pastor is one of the hated pastors due to his scathing remarks about fellow pastors whom he claims are devil worshippers.

He is married to fellow pastor at the same Church pastor Eve Senyonga and the two own Top TV and top radio among other assets. He is also into real estate and is valued between 70-90 million USD.

Well it seems serving God is quite a paying and luxurious venture as most of ‘his servants’ are doing quite well and maybe it could be one of the most secure and quickest ways to becoming a millionaire.

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