The most influential celebrities of 2020

As the year nears to a close, we try to recap some of the major people that have dominated the headlines in the country from the celebrity world.

These celebrities big or small in their capacity have a strong and upper voice that tends to make news than the ordinary citizen. This can be alluded to their star status.

Since this year has been a build up to the 2021 general elections, many celebrities especially in the arts industry have taken the bull by the horn and joined in the race for different positions right from the presidency to more lower offices.

At Spotlight magazine we tried to come up with a list of the top ten celebrities that have been so vocal and influential in the different issues pertaining to different affairs in the country in a descending order.

10. Full Figure

The NRM and President Museveni diehard starts off our list and this may be a surprise inclusion but well, she’s had 2020 on her shoulders.

She’s been active on and off scene and due to her PG rated language, she always catches the attention of the majority when she opens her mouth.

The Ggaba ku mazzi singer who doubles as a presidential advisor is a renowned people power and it’s leader Bobiwine critic. She has always used every opportunity thrown at her to crucify the Magere man and this has garnered her more haters than lovers.

Using her position as a presidential advisor, she’s been able to facilitate some young people to meet the president and others to uplift themselves economically.

She claims to have taken musicians such as Bigeye, Dj Micheal to the president when they were soon about to feed on garbage and it is something she’s proud of and brags about wherever she goes.

She recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom she named Museveni Kairos Pearl due to her much love for the head of State. It’s alleged that the father of the child is events promoter Bajjo events.

9. A pass

The goat Alexander Bagonza made it to our list not for grazing purposes but for reasons more noble and humanitarian.

The ‘Mariana’ singer is more known for using his social media pages for his humorous comedy antics with many of his fans advising him to join comedy since he would do good at it.

However, during a period where the country is undergoing political turmoil due to the upcoming presidential elections, Apass has proved that he can be far more useful.

At a time when police was brutalising hon Kyagulanyi and his supporters which even resulted into the death of over 50 people, A pass used his voice to call out fellow musicians and criticised them for being silent.

He wondered where the energy they use while performing on stage was when a fellow singer was being brutalised and detained by police.

He also criticised them for always being quick to sympathize with other countries during crises yet they can’t do the same for their own country.

He did not wait to be pressurized by fans to use his voice to call out the police for it’s brutality as other musicians.

However, it is not the first time that the Chupa ku chupa singer is siding with aggrieved fans.

In 2018 he rallied behind People power leader Bobiwine to protest the imposition of the Ott tax by government. It can’t surely be disputed that the singer is an influential figure in and out of the music industry.

8. Spice Diana

What a year it has been for Namukwaya Hajarah aka Spice Diana! If it had not been for the lockdown, the Kwata wano singer would surely have reached greater heights this year.

The super sexy singer has surely enjoyed fruits of her hardwork at such a tender age and is a role model for many young girls out there that hardwork pays.

She recently built and entered her house a thing that most musicians have failed to achieve with even longer years in the game.

She has released a couple of good songs this year such as Kokonya a collaboration with Tanzanian sensation Harmonize , Kwata wano among others.

Spice has been so successful that she reached to a point of even hiring bodyguards that move around with her everywhere now days.

Besides that, Spice Diana even donated food to people in the arts industry during the early phases of covid 19 in the country.

Aside that, she’s been involved in a number of Charity events and we can only hope she keeps on that right track. All the above just show how a celebrity destined for greatness should behave, giving back to the community that has contributed to your success at times is a great gesture.

7. Balaam Barugahara

The T-shirt man has been allover the news this year just as his orange stripped t-shirt is common about him. The events promoter has been more in the news for events related to the NRM party.

Balaam has had equal numbers of both praises and criticisms especially from musicians. These accuse him of blocking them from seeing president Museveni and others praise him for his kindness when it comes out to dishing out money.

Balaam has continued to recruit several people in the limelight towards NRM such as bloggers Ashburg Kato and Ray Supasta. He’s also spearheading and organising a number of NRM concerts through out this election period and is surely an asset to the ruling government.

He’s gone on to carry out duties most people label as work done by a ‘useful idiot’ a name that was given to him by Mukono woman MP Betty Nambooze while appearing on the NBS talk show Front line with the former.

6. Douglas Lwanga

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you cannot make it because you alone know yourself and abilities better. Hanging up your boots along the way will surely bar you from the glitters at the end of the tunnel.

That’s the story of NBS and celebrated entertainment presenter Douglas Lwanga. Anybody who watched Douglas in the late 2010’s and earlier years of the past decade at Record TV program Katogo can surely testify what a journey it’s been for him.

The After 5 presenter has gone on to establish himself as one of the most prominent and standout presenters in the country. This has not come on a silver platter but through hardwork and perseverance.

Douglas is now that one presenter that can be easily picked to host events especially international shows because of the experience he has achieved over the years.

His purple party that started out as a small gig has gone on to become one of the biggest annual events in the country. Douglas’ organisational skills and hardwork is one that cannot be overlooked and is a true source of inspiration to many young people out there in the country.

Besides that, the presenter is one of the most followed celebrities in Uganda with his social media pages boasting of over 1 million followers.

Coupling his presentation wit with his marvellous sense of fashion, Douglas appeals to many viwers especially the young generation.

Without a doubt, Douglas is one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry especially TV presentation as a lot of young people look up to him as he has set the bar for them.

5. Jose Chameleon

The music heavyweight is not new to such heights as he has always been a force to reckon on the Ugandan entertainment scene.

Joseph Mayanja as he prefers to be known nowadays due to his quest in politics has always been an influential figure in the showbiz industry both for glamorous and controversial reasons.

Chameleon’s music seems to be his biggest weapon of influence among people of different ages and walks of life. His songs such as Basiima Ogenze, Katupakase, Shida za Dunia among others have inspired many people because of the message they carry. It needs no argument that Chameleon is Uganda’s greatest artist ever.

However this year has been one of the most positive in his lifetime. He made it official to stand for the Kampala mayoral seat and though he was denied the NUP ticket, he never gave up and will contest as an independent candidate.

After churning out hit after hit, Chameleon felt that with his fame and drawing motivation from his once upon a time nemesis Bobiwine, politics was his calling.

He has managed to pull off successful campaigns with sizeable crowds and though the bookies favour his opponent and incumbent Erias Lukwago, we can only wish the Valu Valu singer success so that he can offer the solutions to Kampala city.

4. Alex Muhangi

A humble young man from Kabale who revolutionalised the comedy industry surely deserves a round of applause for that. Comedy was an enticing venture in the old days but lacking a unanimous platform for comedians to showcase their talents.

However, Muhangi a comedian himself managed to set up a platform where different comedians could perform for their revellers every Thursday in a show dubbed Comedy Store.

Alex who is engaged to Galaxy FM hot beauty Prim Asiimwe has surely seen the rise and mentorship of different comedians under his tutorship such as the Mighty family.

Although covid 19 has hindered the arrangements of the platform, Alex has surely tried to keep them coordinated.

Of recent Alex has been going through a lot with people accusing him to be a state operative after some comedians were arrested after he had placed them phone calls to advise them as friends in political issues.

These included the Bizonto who were arrested on grounds of performing tribalistic comedy and Sammy a member of the mighty family. But it’s fair to say that Muhangi has inspired a number of young people who look to comedy as a source of income and talent.

This platform has provided employment to a number of people and it’s fair to say that Muhangi deservedly sits among the top ten celebrity influential figures of 2020.

3. Sheebah

There is no way you can draw up a list of influential celebrities in the Pearl of Africa and you don’t mention the karma queen.

Sheebah for years now has been on top of the game and therefore knows all about success and hardwork.

A lot of good things have befallen the Nakyuka singer and we can only assume covid 19 has pegged her back in her quest for greatness.

Nonetheless Sheebah has had a tremendous and successful year coupled with some huge highlights.

She launched her Holic pads brand, her exotic and urban salon while having entered her multi million mansion at the end of last year.

Sheebah has now become more mature and seems to be giving more back to the community and nolonger the slay queen we were all used to. She has partnered with a number of agencies to support different girls through her Holic pads.

All these have come at the age of 31 as per her claim and we can only wish her the best ahead for her.

Musically, Sheebah hasn’t disappointed either as she released an album titled Samali that had chart topping songs such as Nakyuka, Empeta, Ninda among others.

Sheebah is the epitome of female success on the Ugandan music scene and has empowered a number of girls through her Holic pad brand, her music and for her, the sky is the limit.

2. Bebe Cool

Make up a list and Bebe Cool doesn’t appear on it, I guarantee you that list will be rendered incomplete. The Gagamel singer has for long been known to create news whenever he speaks.

He’s even proud of it as he says he’s a celebrity in the showbiz industry and his main job is to create news and it doesn’t matter which way he has made them so long as it’s his name dominating the headlines.

The ‘Bafudde’ crooner is known for his controversial remarks that at times get him clashimg with his fans on his social media pages.

Of late he’s been clashing with most of NUP supporters as he’s concentrated on criticizing their beloved leader Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

It’s not news to anyone of how Bebe Cool has been bickering with Bobiwine for almost two decades now but seems to have taken the beef to a whole new level after Bobiwine declared his intentions to run for the presidency.

As Bobiwine pulled massive crowds on his rallies, Bebecool could not wait for his boss Sevo to give him the chance to show his long time nemesis that he’s also got game and indeed he did not disappoint. He managed to pull a mammoth crowd in Arua where Bobiwine had been previously.

Bebe Cool is the chief entertainer for President Museveni and has been seen numerous times distributing NRM tshirts and canvassing for votes for Museveni door to door.

Bebe Cool has also seen the rise of several musicians through his Gagamel crew such as the Kiwoko boys who were a great sensation in the early 2010’s, Sweet kid, Kid Fox, Irene Ntale, Rema among others.

It is fair to say that Bebecool deservedly edges out the other contestants to sit in number two as it has always been said that when he sneezes,the whole music industry catches a cold.

  1. Bobi Wine

Who else to top up the list if not presidential hopeful and Kyadondo east legislator Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. He has dominated headlines both local and international ever since he joined active politics in 2017.

Ever since he declared his intentions to run for the country’s top seat, Bobi wine has proved to the incumbent President that he’s not something that should be taken lightly.

He has shaken the country from its deepest roots and has shown his might with the huge crowds he’s pulled wherever he’s been going during his presidential campaigns.

Bobi Wine has long been known to be an enthusiastic hardworking young man from the ghetto and has been inspiring youths from when he was still a chart topping musician before he even joined politics.

His songs such as ghetto, Tugambire ku Jennifer, obululu tebutwawula, Situka among others have always posed a great influential message especially to the wavering people especially the youths in ghetto areas.

He has promised heaven on earth to his voters and the entire nation once voted into power. Bobi wine has also inspired a number of musicians such as Nubian Li, Mikie Wine, Eddy Kenzo through his Fire Base crew among others.

Whether he gets voted or not, that will be left to the electoral commission and his voters but for now he’s the biggest influencer among celebrities in the land though this can hugely be attributed to his political career and truly when he roars, the whole country feels him.

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