Most Beautiful Ugandan Female Musicians of all time

When Sir Winston Churchill named Uganda the Pearl of Africa in 1908 after his exploration around the country, he surely knew well what he was talking about.

Uganda is an abundantly blessed country right from the breathtaking natural features to the people themselves. Uganda has over the years been ranked as one of the most beautiful places on the globe and her people as some of the most beautiful.

This can be credited to some of our celebrities who are ever in the face of the camera and their images go all over the globe. This is at times the basis on which people pinpoint their arguments about the beauty of people of a certain country.

Over the years, Uganda has had a number of sexy and beautiful female musicians and it’s undoubtable that the female specie is most times what appeals to majority people thus naming something beautiful.

We decided to compile a list of the top ten sexiest and beautiful female musicians to ever grace the Ugandan music scene and below we rank them in a descending order.

10. Cindy Sanyu

Starting off our list is none other than the self styled king of the dancehall Cinderella Sanyu. One might wonder why a woman would call herself king, but those who have lived in the ‘Cinder-ific’ era know that she’s indeed a force to reckon in the music industry.

She burst into the scene in the early 2000’s in the once famous all girl group Blu 3 that was managed by Talent Africa and had won the 2003 Coca-Cola singing talent search.

This group that originally consisted of Lilian Mbabazi, Jackie Chandiru and Cindy herself was very successful releasing beautiful jams such as Burn, a collaboration with Navio, Where you are with Radio and Weasel among others.

However, in 2009 Cindy broke away to pursue a solo career and reasons for her opting out weren’t known but it was claimed to be on bad terms to an extent that she hasn’t made up with her formee bandmates up to now.

Cindy did beat the odds and became one of the formidable musicians at the time releasing hit songs such as Ayokya yokya, One and only, Mbikoye among others. She has also collaborated with artists such as Fidempa, Psquare, Nyanda, Mr G and Bobiwine on their hit song Dilemma.

Cindy is one of the best female performers on stage and when it comes to pleasing her fans, she doesn’t leave anything to imagination but bares it for all to see. Besides that, Cindy is one of the best live performers and even has a band that she performs along with.

Cindy surely knows the power of her body and the sexual aura it exhudes especially amongst her male fans and so always endeavors to feed them optically to satisfaction. She has over the years been castigated for being indecent but she doesn’t care because she knows where her great sexy body has got her to.

The Boom party singer at one time in 2008 bared it for all us to see when local tabloid Red pepper published her nudes and it can ably be said she’s the grandma of leaked nudes in the Pearl of Africa. However, that didn’t put the singer down and she quickly bounced from it to the great singer she’s now.

9. Winnie Nwagi

She might be a rookie on this list since most of the musicians have more years in the music industry than her, but Nwagi surely stands out for her bootylicious and curvaceous body coupled with her great voice.

The Musawo singer is signed to Swangz Avenue and burst on to the scene in 2016 and since then she has never looked back. She has released beautiful songs since then such as Bunsonsomola, Musawo, Everything among others and surely more are yet to come from the mother of one.

However, Nwagi has always mesmerized Ugandans not only because of her music but also her body of a goddess that one can’t help but imagine and fantasize about. The women dream of possessing one while the men imagine doing all their wild fantasies to it.

Though Nwagi has a complicated personal lifestyle, fans never seem to get enough of her. She’s the kind of celebrity that doesn’t allow to be criticized on her own social media handles. She will go after you and call you out if you try to parent her about her personal choices.

We are pretty sure that the internet is to continue being sent into a frenzy by the bumlicious singer who usually posts mouth watering pictures for her fans to drool over. When it comes to stage performance, the Yitayo ondabeko singer who was rumored to be choking on Chozen Blood’s roasted cassava serves everything to us on a silver platter and we can only hope and wish for more of her in future.

8. Sheebah Karungi

The 31 year old has surely established herself as a distinguished musician and we can only say that she’s the best female musician of the current days. Sheebah was raised by a single mother in the ghetto parts of Kawempe and started her music journey as a 16 year old in the once famous girl group The Obsessions.

This group was famous in the mid 2000’s releasing chart topping songs such as Wekume, Jangu jangu coupled with their raunchy erotic dance moves. However, the group later parted ways and the girls sought solo careers and almost none of them made it or lasted the post years of their separation Sheebah inclusive.

Her musical career seemed like one headed for the gutters not until she teamed up with former Radio & Weasel manager Jeff Kiwa who has turned her into the household name she is today. Mixing Jeff’s knowledge of musical management and Sheebah’s relentless hard work, the two formed a successful music career that has seen her rise to the top of the game and mantained her crown over there for more than 6 years now.

The Nakyuka singer has released hit singles, won numerous awards and accumulated alot of wealth over the years. Sheebah’s career is one that most female musicians can look up to for inspiration that they too can make it to the top and rule the male dominated industry.

When it comes to stage performance, Sheebah exposes all the skin for all of us to watch and listen to her songs even if we didn’t want to. She’s a true goddess and her sexy photos online are a true testimony to women using their bodies and talents to rule the world.

Sheebah isn’t yet about to slow down musically and erotically starving us. She at one time stated that the reason she hasn’t yet settled down to start a family of her own though she wants one is because she wants to first concentrate and grow her career, am sure you all know what that means, more music more sexiness.

7. Spice Diana

Another rookie that makes this list is petite and sexy singer Namukwaya Hajarah. The singer came on to the scene in 2015 with her song Onsanula that propelled her to overnight national fame and she followed it with more hit songs.

The former Makerere university alumni has gone on to establish herself as one of the most sought after musicians and it can arguably be said that she’s one of the top three most sexiest female artistes at the moment.

The Kokonya singer at the moment is one of the most endorsed artist by different brands meaning that she has massively invested in her music and looks. She’s also won numerous awards, built her own mansion within just a few years in the music industry and is a testimony that music does pay handsomely.

Her videos, stage performances and social media handles that are always awash with her sexy photos are proof that she indeed deserves to sit on our list of the most beautiful and sexiest female musicians to ever grace our music industry.

6. Grace Nakimera

Where can we start from to describe the Ani Akumanyi singer honestly? There was a time in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s when Nakimera was arguably the sexiest female musician in the land. She got us the young guns of the time wishing to fire bullets that we never had in our pistols then.

She released hit songs such as Kawonawo, Bwoba Sexy, Ntandika, Kiva Kuki among others. These were really good songs but what attracted us more to her was the much revealing cleavage. She always left us mesmerized with the way she would package her chest and her let boobies run rampage.

Nakimera however, went off scene in the middle of the past decade only to reappear last year in a song titled Twala Byange. As we all anticipated of the return of the sexy singer, she shocked us by emerging as a reformed gospel singer meaning we couldn’t ogle anymore at the once upon a time food for the eyes.

Nakimera who has seen the light and path of the Lord transitioned to a full time gospel artiste and has released a number of gospel songs such as Kabaka Kristo. She’s basically now beautiful in Christ.

5. Lydia Jazmine

Nabawanukka Lydia is absolutely beautiful and no arguing about that and what’s more beautiful about her is the ability to mantain her natural dark chocolate complexion. At a time when most people think that being light skinned is more beautiful than being dark skinned and celebrities taking the charge to lighten their skins, the Masuka singer has stayed loyal to her natural body.

Jazmine who started as a back up singer to the once dynamic East African duo Radio and Weasel got her first breakthrough in 2012 with a collaboration titled You Know featuring Rabadaba. She went on to find fame when her collaboration with Geosteady titled Same way became a national hit.

She has gone to release a couple of more songs that have become household anthems such as Omalawo, Masuka, Onanagiza and is surely one of the most talented vocalists that we have at the moment. Her seductive stage performances are some of the attributes that make her irresistibly sexy and gorgeous.

When it comes to exposing some flesh, Jazmine does not shy away and her pictures in swimsuits, sexy patra shorts are plastered in most guys’ galleries allover the country. She’s surely a goddess with a beautiful heart as she’s also involved in a number of charities to uplift the under previleged

4. Zanie Brown

Here comes the silent beauty, Zanie Namugenyi real names. She’s been around the industry for close to ten years now though of recently she took a break to concentrate on family and personal affairs.

She became more renowned after her collaboration Friendly Match with dancehall raggamuffin Ziza Bafana became a sensational hit and party anthem back in 2016. She released a couple of more songs such as muyaye, Kawala Kalungi among others.

The singer was supposedly stopped from singing by her husband who was insecure that with her heaven sent beauty, she could be snatched away from him and did not like the fact that male vixens had to lay their hands all over her body during video shoots.

Local singer Chris Evans even got to a point of penning a number of love letters to the singer to open for him the love door to her heart but this fellow on deaf ears and the Kadongo kamu singer fainted in his own movie. Zanie comfortably sits in our top five most beautiful Ugandan female musicians of all times.

3. Iryn Namubiru

One of the old skoolers that will always easily make it to any list regardless because she almost has it all. Iryn Namubiru came on to the scene in the late 90’s doing karaoke singing songs of American greats such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey among others.

She teamed up with fellow beauty goddess at the time Juliana Kanyomozi as these two were good friends during their high school years at Namasagali college. The two formed the girl singing group I-Jay but later broke up over issues rumored to be stemming from the cassava in the sack of one of their bosses.

Iryn Namubiru didn’t stay long on the local scene and flew to France and got married to her then boyfriend Frank Morel. The two later divorced but share two sons together. She’s currently single but seems to be a darling to many men because of her beauty and dripping sexiness.

She has mentored and inspired a number of female musicians especially the current crop of local female musicians. She’s even considered to be the best vocalist in East Africa by some people. There is no doubt that the Nkuweki singer is absolutely beautiful and one of the sexiest female musicians the Pearl has ever seen.

2. Juliana Kanyomozi

When it comes to musical prowess, there is no doubt that Juliana is the greatest female musician to ever grace our music scene. Just as her fellow old school goddess Iryn Namubiru, Juliana burst onto the scene in the late 90’s.

She was in the girl group I-Jay with Namubiru and the two had met while studying at Namasagali College. The two did karaoke and later released an album together before they parted ways.

Whereas Iryn left for France to concentrate on her new found relationship, Juliana stayed back and soon found fame for herself. She released chart topping songs such as Nabikoowa, Mama Mbire a collaboration with H.E Bobiwine among other songs.

Juliana won a number of awards then as she had become a household name and in the meantime was married to city cassanova Amon Lukwago. The two later bitterly broke up and Juliana went on to date a string of city famous men all who disappointed her. These included boxer Kassim Ouma, soccer entrepreneur Mujib Kasule, singer Peter Miles and South Africa based sangoma King Lawrence.

The Tooro princess has surely seen success musically and is one of the legends the industry has seen. This even earned her a role as a judge at the once famous Tusker Project Fame. Juliana who welcomed her baby boy after losing her son a few years back is currently in the States where she lives.

  1. Desire Luzinda

Who else would it have been to top this list if not for the Ekitone singer. She surely left no stone unturned in her quest to become a great music star.

Desire Luzinda who is a mother of one, a beautiful girl that has inherited her mother’s beauty and body curves came onto the scene in the late 2000’s. She went on to release jams that made her a formidable figure in the music industry and one of the best female musicians at the time.

These songs included Nina omwami a collaboration with Ngoni, Fitting another collaboration with Radio&Weasel. Desire’s music career later faded and the once upon a time great singer struggled to churn out a hit and most critics wrote her off and dared her to make a comeback.

Little did they know that the singer would make the greatest comeback and hit the entire country had ever seen that remains unchallenged up to this time. Around 2014 Desire Luzinda’s jilted lover released a sextape and nudes featuring the singer. The sextape was not a disappointment owing to the goddess she is and up to now, no one has ever released a better one of all the ones that have come out.

After battling all these mishaps, the singer seems to have gathered herself and acknowledged her mistakes and moved on. She now resides in the USA together with her daughter. The singer seems to have had a calling from the Lord as it’s the road she has embarked on, preaching and empowering her followers on her social media pages.

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