Zari shows off new lover names him Dark Stallion

If there is one thing Zari is more popular for besides her socialite status, it is her ‘pick up, play and dump’ when it comes to her dating life. Zari has dated a string of men in her entire lifetime allover Africa that if the the title of Mother Abraham existed, it would be befitting her perfectly.

The stunning bombshell who is a mother of five has dated a number of men publicly and others have been rumored to have romantic escapades with her.

These include the late Ivan Semwanga to whom she has three boys with and was married to for over 20 years, Tanzanian Bongo flavor superstar Diamond Platinumz whom she has two kids with. Other men such as former Uganda basketball star Isaac Lugudde and an anonymous King bae have all chewed the voluptuous damsel.

After Zari’s break up with Platinumz she relocated to South Africa from Tz for good and spent some time clashing with the Jeje singer over his infidelity and failure to provide child support to their two kids.

However, over recent months the pair has been seen together publicy leading to some people to insinuate that the two are back at playing bedminton together once again. This seems not to be the case though as the two have been united purposely for parental reasons.

Zari recently quashed all these rumors after she paraded her new fish from the sea when she captioned a picture in her Instagram stories requesting her new found love whom she referred to as the Dark Stallion not to break her little heart.

‘Don’t break my little hand, I mean my heart, Mr man call him the dark stallion’ the caption read. She went ahead to post a picture of her and the new driver in her little town on her Instagram wishing all her followers a lovely Valentine’s day.

With her struggles in recent relationships especially with the anonymous King bae whom they had even got engaged, we can only hope that Dark Stallion will be her knight in shining amour and won’t make her shed a bucketful of tears.

Written by sigmund

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