Bobiwine acquires new monstrous bullet proof vehicle

NUP president and former presidential candidate Hon Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu alias Bobiwine recently became an owner of a monstrous bullet proof car that has become the talk of the country and got people’s tongues wagging.

In a Facebook post the outgoing Kyadondo East legislator stated the Land cruiser 4WD which is both bullet proof and blast proof was a token of appreciation from his supporters both abroad and here in Uganda.

The musician turned politician further went ahead to say that he was informed by some of the comrades how they intended to fundraise and purchase the vehicle but since it is so expensive, he brushed the idea as unachievable but was surprised when a few days back he was presented with the black SUV.

Kyagulanyi further said that he and his supporters were afraid for his life after live bullets were fired at his supporters and him in particular during his campaign trail back in the presidential campaigns a thing that led to the death of some of his supporters and injuring others.

The armoured vehicle that has a close resemblance to some of the cars that make up the presidential fleet is a 2019 model locally dubbed as ‘Mpenkoni’. It is estimated to have cost over 140,000 dollars an estimate of around 500 million Uganda shillings.

The vehicle which comes as an addition to the ghetto gladiator’s already expensive fleet of cars such as an Escalade, Toyota Tundra is meant to protect him and take the struggle further in their quest to unseat president elect Yoweti Kaguta Museveni.

The ride has sophisticated features such as an integrated back up camera, voice activated touch screen DVD, 14 speaker surround sound and an additional sub woofer. The motor monster is suited for all terrains and provides maximum security regardless of where one is.

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