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DSTV’s MNet to work with multiple Ugandan local film creators

Multichoice TV channel MNet has announced how it’s going to venture into the local Ugandan movie industry in a bid to help grow the young industry by giving it exposure and coverage.

The movies which have to be with a local touch and aura will be focusing on issues that partake in the daily lives of our community. This is a blessing to most participants in the film industry as it will provide a bigger audience both in Africa and globally to showcase their talents.

These films will have to be authored in English and Luganda with subtitles created for parts acted in Luganda. Originality of these movies will be of paramount importance as plagiarism will not be entertained.

Another criteria these movies have to meet is having a duration of more than 90mins, having an exciting and intriguing story line that hooks the target audience that will be between 20-49 years.

Mnet also released a set of procedural map to be followed by the interested movie creators as follows:

  • Professional movie Script
  • Character Bible
  • Treatment/Approach
  • Preliminary Budget
  • Screeners/demo of previous work done
  • Contractual Information- i.e. Full names of Company, Directors & Partners, Company Registration Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate and full physical address.

After all the above have been fulfilled, those who have submitted their proposals will be notified by email of recipient of their work, then these movies will be gauged and those that edge out the others shortlisted.

The shortlisted candidates will have a one on one with the MNet panel of judges and it’s from these sessions that the eventual winners will be selected and later notified.

Submission of all proposals by these filmmakers should be done not later than 15th March which is the deadline and the content should be in high definition mode (HD) as required by MNet.

Kony Order from Above, one of the best locally made films

Once the proposal has been accepted, editorial and technical criteria will be outlined in the project agreement by MNet.

This is a very huge opportunity to both filmmakers and stakeholders to hone their skills and propel the movie industry that has lagged a bit behind compared to it’s sister industries such as the music and comedy industries.

Launch of Pearl magic

Those who are interested in submitting their work can use the link below where they will need to select the channel of their respective countries and in the case for Uganda, it’s Pearl Magic.

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