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My boyfriend impregnated me at school after promising to buy me chips-Chosen Becky

Singer Chosen Becky recently while appearing on Sanyuka TV station revealed the reason as to why she dropped out of school and never completed her studies. And just like most high school students who always couple up in school, the “Bankuza” hitmaker was no exception.

She said that she met her first cut a one David Kimera who she spoke of fondly and memorably during a school dance party (kadanke). She said that Kimera found her dancing during the party and asked to dance with her to which she gladly accepted.

He would go ahead to compliment and praise her dancing skills to be superb, a thing that started melting her heart though that wasn’t the final straw that bent her heart for the dude.

Rather it was the chips sold by Kimera’s mother which he used to carry and eat at school while other students choked on posho and beans that got the “Byabangi” singer craving for him.

We went for a school party/kadanke and I danced with David Kimera. Kimera’s mother used to sell chips and he used to eat them at school every day. Everyone used to admire him because of his good life,”

From here there new found love started blossoming into something huge and soon Kimera proposed to Chosen Becky to become his girlfriend something she did not hesitate to confirm and outrightly said yes.

As we were dancing Kimera complimented my dancing skills. After the dance he asked me to be his girlfriend , I gladly accepted because he promised me that he would be bringing me chips. I got pregnant in the course of the relationship,”

She soon upgraded her level to eating chips on a daily basis and forgot all about the school white mealie and beans. In the course of chewing Kimera’s chips, Kimera also chewed the singer’s beans and planted a live seed in her Eden that germinated into a pregnancy.

Becky who looked to be sad on the prospect of not completing school due to plates of chips said back then she was a naive girl and after getting pregnant, she was forced to curtail her studies.

She soon left Masaka and joined the music industry where she has made a name for herself. She’s released chart topping songs such as Bankuza, Byabangi, Telemundo a collaboration with Voltage Music among others.

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