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Akon’s Wife Set To Transform Ugandan Entertainment Industry With $12 Million Investment

Rozina Negusei showed interest in transforming the Ugandan entertainment industry and this proved when she announced a million dollar investment package.

Negusei who is married to famous American singer Akon, is the CEO and President of the Zanar Entertainment, Entreeg Records & Entreeg Entertainment Group that a music entertainment group founded in America.

Rozina who came on a business trip to Uganda was invited by Isaac Kigozi, Managing Director of the East African Partners, will be investing 12 millions dollars on the entertainment industry of Uganda for a period of five years.

Furthermore, she intends to build the confidence of Ugandans to become Africa’s Hollywood in time to come.

“We wanted to bring entertainment in Africa, we are looking for a hub, a home to be the Africa Hollywood; America became America not because of Agriculture but because of the entertainment industry. If we bring entertainment whether movie, music award, every year, Uganda can become the home of the entertainment industry,” she said.

Rozina encouraged Africans to put in extra effort to explore the opportunities around them with appreciation.

She also came with Turkish investors to visit the different government departments and agencies as well as other private sector establishments respectively.

She met with the President of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during her tour and was pleased on Ugandans having such a wonderful and exceptional leader amidst them.

“I was pleased to meet such an honourable, genius leader and a walking library. He called me a daughter and gave me a name, Estella Ihangwe. It was amazing to be in the presence of such a knowledgeable leader. I have met several leaders, but President Museveni is exceptionally knowledgeable. You guys are lucky to have such a leader. Seriously, you won’t realize it until he is no longer here,” she reportedly said.

The team that came with Rozina demonstrated interest investing in other sectors like agriculture, solar and real estate to bridge a gap between East Africa and West Africa in terms of business and trade.

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