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Akon named Tourism Ambassador plans to build futuristic city in Uganda by 2036.

American Senegalese singer Aliaume Thiam Badara popularly known as Akon seems to have enjoyed his stay in Uganda basing on the interviews he’s been doing and on his social media pages. The ‘Be With U’ singer jetted into the country last week alongside his wife Rozina Negusei and was hosted by President Museveni in Rwakitura.

Akon who was visiting Uganda for the second time having last been in the Pearl of Africa in 2008 for a musical tour was this time coming back on a business trip and all went well as the president was full of praise for the singer turned investor on his Twitter account.

The president was really impressed by the Senegalese singer’s business ideas of building cities in different African cities and investing in African economies. It should be remembered that Akon is on course of building the first futuristic city in his home country of Senegal which is set to commence this year inspired by Wakanda a city in the fictional movie of Black Panther.

President Museveni did a great job in marketing Uganda as the best tourist destination known for it’s fantastic weather and natural incredibility. The president also bestowed the honor of tourism ambassador on the super star singer in a bid to boost Uganda’s tourist sector abroad.

After the meeting, the government announced how it had allocated land amounting to one square mile to the business mogul for him to build his second futuristic city in Africa. According to Akon, these cities will be operating on the crypto currency system particularly his own known as A-Koin.

Where as the one in Senegal is meant to be completed by 2024, the one proposed to be built in Uganda will not be complete until 2036.

Akon who was seen trekking alongside his wife watching and visiting gorillas said that he knows once he starts up the project, the government will be motivated and will fund it.

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