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Apass & Eddy Kenzo, Local websites should pay before uploading our music

The covid 19 pandemic has really taught Ugandan musicians to be more creative and earn money from somewhere else after performances were banned.

Now singer Apass has come out to lash at Ugandan websites that upload his content minus paying him for it. This was after singer Eddy Kenzo declined local websites a chance especially those that default paying musicians after uploading their content to upload his album.

The “Mbilo mbilo” singer opted for streaming channels that pay musicians for their content especially the continental and global ones for his 9th studio album “Made in Africa”. The 17 track album has already picked up following it’s launch last Thursday and is already topping some charts on the continent.

A long overdue call had always been made to these musicians to embrace online streaming music apps such that they can earn from their works but most of them had shunned this idea not until the outbreak of the covid pandemic.

Media and streaming outlets such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes,Tidal are some of those that offer streaming services to fans for the music of their choice and artists earn from them minus performances.

The “didi Dada” singer tweeted warning those websites that were eating off his sweat to remove his music and warned them that this was not one of his jokes he usually pulls off but he was rather serious.

Some fans were quick to show their support for the singer while others showed disinterest in the topic reminding the singer who is going to lose out in case they pull down his music.

However, the “Chupa ku chupa” singer would not have any of it as he reminded that he had a right to claim what’s rightfully his.

Rapper GNL Zamba who recently said that he made over a billion shillings from his Spear album online added his voice to support Apass and said most people called him mad when he returned and emphasized media outlets not to upload his music if they couldn’t pay for it.

Musicians who have long been grappling with the copyright law seem to have woken up and learnt how much revenue they are losing on their music being infringed upon.

A few days back stakeholders announced they were launching the UgaTunes app that will be uploading artistes’ content where fans can access it and musicians will earn some good money from it.

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