Top 10 Most Popular Uganda Celebrity Wives

Celebrities’ lives are always usually monitored and talked about by almost every person in society for the fact that these people are in the limelight. This at times makes it difficult for these people to have normal lives as they always give in to pressure from their fans and other people.

When it comes to marriage, it is a delicate issue where these celebrities too have ups and lows in their relationships and due to public pressure usually fail to work out.

However there are those couples that have stuck together despite the odds and below we take a look at some of the most popular celebrity wives in Uganda in a descending order.

10. Daphne Franckstock Idringi

She is wife to the popular and one of Africa’s most celebrated comedians Patrick Salvador Idringi.

Daphne who is a descedant of the famous Sir Hesketh Bell who is a popular figure in the colonial era of Uganda met Salvador 9 years ago during her high school when the comedian was working with MTN at the time.

The light skinned beauty who describes her comedic husband as charming, intelligent, smart, loving, considerate, caring is truly a loving woman as despite all that has been said about her man such as how a not good looking man could end up with such a beautiful woman, she’s stuck by him.

The couple usually graces social events together and share three kids together I, a boy and two girls.

9. Sylvia Namutebi

If you are conversant with the miss Uganda beauty pageant then Sylvia Namutebi needs no introduction. She’s a former Miss Uganda and currently on the panel of the judges on the pageant.

Sylvia is married to popular events manager Ali Alibhai of Talent Africa who also needs no introduction. The two met in 2011 at a mutual friend’s party and exchanged numbers.

They later became good friends for close to 3 years before taking things to another level. Ali proposed to Sylvia in 2015 in style after he paid defunct Nigerian duo Psquare to sing Sylvia’s best song “No one like you” in a video clip.

The beautiful Sylvia is indeed described by her husband as beautiful, intelligent, motivated and independent. The two walked down the aisle in 2017 and share a son together.

8.Sasha Ferguson

She might not literally be legally married yet but her man, popular hunky NBS news anchor Canary Mugume recently made his intentions clear to her after he proposed and she replied with a big “Yes”.

The young couple is one of those lovely couples that young people look up to for their love filled lifestyle. Canary who was at one time reported to have said that he wasn’t ready for commitment and church marriage shocked many when he popped the big question.

These two have been dating for close to seven years and met through their media jobs with Sasha having worked at WBS TV before landing a juicy job with UN in Tanzania.

The couple has had several problems like any other couple and they being in the limelight, it hits hard but have stuck together regardless.

7.Lucky Mbabazi

The fitness enthusiast makes one of the most renowned radio celebrity couples with KFM sports presenter Patrick Kanyomozi who is also president of the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA).

Lucky is largely known for her presentation on Capital FM’s Breakfast show between 6-10am that she co-hosts with Gaetano Kaggwa. She also has a fitness and health program she presents on NBS TV.

The two met in 2010 and first became very good friends and after a year later Patrick proposed and the two did an introduction.

This couple’s relationship is one of the strongest that has been able to withstand public pressure and the two share four kids together.

6. Flavia Tumusiime

Another media celebrity wife is none other than everyone’s darling and most favorite presenter Flavia Tumusiime Kabuura.

The am-pm Capital FM radio presenter who also doubles as NTV news anchor is married to NTV co-worker and sports presenter Andrew Kabuura.

Flavia who has had such an astonishing career in the media met with Kabuura at NTV and got married in 2019.

They have one child together, a son named Liam Ashaba Kabuura.

5. Prim Asiimwe

The Galaxy FM presenter is absolutely every man’s dream owing to her heavely and pure beauty plus her astoundingly sexy voice.

The beauty is engaged to top city comedian Alex Muhangi who doubles as Comedy Store’s CEO. Though the couple is one of the silent celebrity couples that is never in the limelight holding hands cladly or being publicly affectionate, they share a beautiful young girl together known as Jehu Muhangi.

Fans have always wondered if the couple is serious or simply having a fling but Muhangi put the rumor to rest when he said that he would soon make things official with his baby mama during a local TV interview.

The two met some ten years ago while Muhangi was working with Fenon records and Prim was in the miss Uganda beauty team after having participated a year earlier.

4. Irene Namatovu

Does she need an introduction or everyone knows her because despite being married to a popular musician, she’s also famous in her own career as one of the most prominent female musicians in the land.

The couple that has spent over 15 years together met in the early 2000’s and were some of the founding members of the now defunct Eagles Production band. After the group disbanded, Lutaaya moved on with his wife and the two formed their own band known as Da Nu Eagles.

The couple despite spending all those years together made things official in 2013. Namatovu has stuck by her man despite all the allegations and the shame he’s put her through like infidelity and built him to a point of even clinching a seat in the incoming 11th Ugandan Parliament.

3. Daniella Atim Mayanja

There is no way you can be the wife of arguably Uganda’s finest artist and you fail to make this list. Daniella Atim wife to Joseph Mayanja comfortably clinches our number 3 sport.

Daniella met the budding singer in 2003 at a popular hangout spot and she says she was unfazed by the celebrity status acorded to the singer. She says that the “Valu Valu” singer approached her and requested her number which she denied giving him since she saw him as a dreaded hooligan.

She later gave in to Mayanja’s pleas and the rest is history. They tied the knot in 2008 in a glamorous wedding and share 5 children now.

The light skinned beauty who shares Italian and Ugandan descent is one iron lady that has stuck by her controversial husband throughout the years of their marriage.

2. Zuena Kirema

Another woman that would never miss being on this list is none other than wife to Bigsize Bebe Cool, Zuena Kirema. Besides being wife to undeniably one of Uganda’s best musicians of all time, Zuena has carved a personality for herself in the socialite world.

The couple met in 2002 and started dating formalising their marriage a year later in a civil court. The couple who earlier this year celebrated 19 years of marriage together share five children, three boys and two girls.

This pair is absolutely one of the most loved and celebrated couples in the entertainment industry. The “Wire wire” singer has never been shy to show his affection publicly for his wife and penned her a beautiful tribute during their 19 year anniversary describing her as a patient, hardworking, loving and caring woman who never replaced him despite the hurdles he faced as a man.

This was evident as Bebe pleaded with his wife to come back to him after she had dumped him in 2009 and he released a number of songs citing how his world had come crushing down ever since she left.

Zuena has been able to stick by Bebe despite the hate that is thrown at her man especially owing to his political beliefs.

1.Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi

The number one spot would feel cheated itself if anybody other than Barbra Itungo had occupied it. She’s every broke young man’s dream since she can transform a hopeless man to something unbelievably amazing.

Her transformation of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is a living testimony to which he himself testifies too. When one looks at Bobi Wine’s earlier pics and videos, it would really be hard to believe that at one point in his life he would be one of the most feared men politically by the government.

Barbie met Bobi in the early 2000’s and describes their early years as some of the toughest to an extent that they reached a point of having no money for lunch to footing from Kanyanya to Kamwokya.

Her influence goes beyond transforming her family to transforming communities through her different initiatives especially targeting the girl child.

Barbie who has been instrumental in Bobi Wine’s musical and political careers that need no introduction got officially married with the singer in 2011 and the two share four kids together.

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