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Social media wildly reacts to video of Bobi Wine’s son smoking weed

Social media users have wildly reacted to a video of singer turned politician Bobi Wine’s son Kampala, smoking weed in a video that he allegedly recorded and shared himself.

The four second clip that shows the teenage boy puffing smoke out of his nose and mouth has garnered widespread attention on Twitter.

It should be noted that the boy is not yet of legal age according to Ugandan laws a thing that bars him from smoking anything be it cigarettes or Marijuana.

As some people told others to stop judging him because he’s a teenager that has to go through the wild phase of life, others chimed in citing what he did was a disgrace the father’s public image.

“pretty sure u were in ur right mind while posting this and knew the impact its gonna have.. with all that H.E has to deal with u seriously had to bring in this?? with the claims of “sibilimu”.. its like finding two people fighting and u hand 1 of them a gun then say ‘tobilimu'” one Twitter user posted.

“What’s wrong with smoking, it’s his lungs not yours On top of this it’s Shisha smokers criticizing” one Twitter user came to the defense of the ‘first son’.

“nothing can divert us from our cause, even if Barbie smokes it, even if you buy all Bobi Wine family members, our problems remain, and Solomon isn’t our cause. He is a kid who should enjoy himself. A Bobi Wine diehard fan tweeted.

“What Bobi wine’s son did , shows a poor image regardless of your opinions” one of the few Twitter users against the video posted.

There has not yet been an official communication from the ghetto gladiator or NUP officials regarding the matter.

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