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Sheebah celebrates a decade as a solo artist and musician.

The ‘fire boy’ dance hall hitmaker called Sheebah Karungi has made ten years as a solo musician.

She has been recognised in the Pearl of Africa as one of the most hardworking females and devoted artist looking at her background.

Sheebah shared an emotional message with her fans on her memory lane as she celebrated her 10 year anniversary.

The team no sleep artist narrated the challenges she faced at the start of her music career on all her social media platforms.

“In 2010, I officially started off my solo career with ‘Kunyenyeza’ as my very first song. I look back at that time and all I had was me. Most people didn’t believe in me so it was up to me to believe in myself or give up on my dreams. Honestly, I was scared but I was brave enough to get over my fears and chase my dreams no matter how hard & disrespectful it could get sometimes,” posted Sheebah.

She added, “10 years later,  I look at where I am today, what I have done with myself, my family, my friends, and the clan of beautiful people I have touched with my music & I just praise GOD. Happy 10 years Anniversary Sheebaholic all this wouldn’t be possible without you my lovers. Thank you for believing in me, Understanding me, Respecting my hard work, Respecting my privacy, supporting me and always loving on me, so much love to you Sheebaholics, Cheers to the next decade If it wasn’t for Rona we would be shutting down this country with 10 years Of Sheebah,”

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