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Minister Jeje Odongo shows up at Parliament with an ‘expensive electronic face mask’

The Minister for Internal Affairs-designate, Gen Jeje Odongo fascinated the onlookers and members of parliament when he turned up wearing an electronic LG Puricare face mask.

Odongo who didn’t appear for vetting by the appointments committee of the parliament on Tuesday appeared today in the alleged most expensive face mask.

The Puricare mask is a product of LG appliances and has the ability to filter air before it goes into your mouth and nose.

Its fitting will minimise air leakage around your nose and mouth area. This mask also works with a battery that works for over eight hours.

To add on, you can increase the mask operation mode. However, this can limit its capacity and be used in two hours.

This mask doesn’t stop the contraction of COVID-19 even though it offers the user cleaner and filtered air from the surrounding.

The mask is believed to cost between Shs3.6m to Shs4m shillings on the market.

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