Top 10 Ugandan Musicians In The Diaspora

The Ugandan Music scene has over the years received some musical bangers from Ugandan musicians abroad titled as Basama.

However on this list we take a look at some of the top ten best Ugandan musicians based abroad.

Majority of these are veterans in the music industry who were once based here but relocated abroad. Others are still releasing music as indicated below.

Let’s delve into them without further ado.

Shakira Shakiraa

She might be a new name on this list but she’s surely a big thing coming up on the Ugandan music scene.

Shakira became more popular after it was alleged that she was the one responsible for the breakup of Daddy Andre and Nina Roz.

She however came out to deny the rumours stating how she hasn’t known Andre for long and their relationship is only musical.

She has a collaboration with Daddy Andre titled as celeb which is quite doing well. Some of her other songs include Nkwagala and call me

She’s based in the US.


A very talented and amazing artiste though she has never amounted to her full potential. Ange3lina is a real talent who broke onto the scene in 2016 with her Go down song.

She’s gone on to release other songs such as Gimme your love, Kasonso, Drum Drum, Ghetto lovin among others.
She’s based in the US currently.

Rhoda K

The pencil thin singer came onto the limelight in the middle of the last decade after her song with Pallaso titled Enyama.

She would go on to release quite a couple of a few songs that didn’t do well. She went on to do a collaboration with Pastor Wilson Bugembe titled Miracle that did very well.

She however relocated to the UK where she recently revealed she’s lesbian. Rhoda K further went on to even reveal her white girlfriend.


The self styled Rnb Kyabazinga came on to the scene in the early years of the last decade after a few collaborations with female dancehall singer Empress.

Maro would go on to cement his place as one of the finest RnB singers in the country.

He went on to release songs such as Mubbi Bubbi a collaboration with David Lutalo. His other songs included Anjagala, Kyokoba, Genda Ewamwe, Omuweesi among others.

The singer later relocated to Germany where he’s based now and is married to a zungu babe whom they started dating from here.

Sizza man

Sizza man was one of the artists of the golden years of Ugandan music.

This was in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s when Ugandan music was on fire.

He released songs such as Angela which was a massive banger. He followed it with other hits such as Vva mu Kasooli, Lusama, Taxi money among others.

He however went to the UK where he currently lives and has taken long without releasing music.

His last known song was a collaboration with King Saha and Weasel that didn’t do quite well.

Michael Ross Kakoza

He was the undisputed king of RnB and one of the pioneers of the genre in the early 2000’s.

Coupled with his dancing skills, Michael Ross made Ugandans fall in love with a genre that was much deemed as foreign.

The singer released a number of hit songs such as Senorita, Tell me, Yoyo, clothes off, Follow follow among others.

Ross however went off the ladder and this was allegedly due to drug abuse.

He last made his public appearance in Uganda in 2018 where he was being bounced off the stage in Lugogo where American singer Sisqo was performing.

Michael relocated to the US and became a born again Christian a few weeks ago. It’s said that he’s engaged more in teaching youths about the dangers of drug abuse.

Rick Man

Probably he’s the best Ugandan artiste based abroad currently due to the fact that he occasionally releases some music which actually turns out to be monstrous bangers.

Rick Man broke onto the Ugandan scene with his Wakanda MunaUganda hit in 2018.

He followed it with his Bango hit that cemented his place on the Ugandan music scene.

He has gone on to release songs such as My baby, Okilinamu Obuzibu, Basumbuyi, Tunyumirwe.

He’s based in Sweden where he plays professional football.

He’s also in and out of the country and recently confirmed to be dating socialite and media personality Sheila Gashumba.

Desire Luzinda

She was at one time one of the hottest female singers in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s having broke on onto the scene around 2008.

She went on to release chart topping songs such as Fitting, Nina Omwami, Mubiite, Tweyagale, Ekitone among others.

Things became bad for the curvaceous and voluptuous singer after her jilted lover Franklin Emuobor released her sex tape and nudes.

Her career which had somehow faded instantly rose again but for the wrong reasons. She went ahead to release a song titled Ekitone which gave details of the sex tape.

She however later relocated to the US where she’s currently based now living with her equally gorgeous daughter Michelle.

She’s more into pastoral work on her social media pages and occasionally comes back into the country.

She recently launched a foundation known as the Desire Luzinda foundation in Uganda which will deal in charity work.

GNL Zamba

Sometimes considered as Uganda’s Lugaflow goat, Earnest Nsimbi Zamba aka GNL Zamba broke onto the scene in 2009 with his Soda jinjale.

He went on to revolutionize the Lugaflow arena that had the likes of Rocky Giant, Babaluku, Sylvester and Abrams.

However these were more of underground and Zamba made the genre a commercial success.

He went on to dominate the airwaves with hits such as Kikankane, Sesetula, Ani yali amanyi, Story ya Luuka among others.

He also formed the Baboon Forest Crew which produced the likes of Mun G and Big Tril.

Zamba however later relocated to the US in the middle of the last decade to pursue a career in Hollywood.

He went ahead to marry his Zungu girlfriend who they do music together now.

He’s also in and out of the country and has done a number of new projects such as Dear Hip hop which have done quite well.

He has plans of running for the office of the president of Uganda Music association (UMA).

Juliana Kanyomozi

She doesn’t need any mention because she’s done it all in the music industry.

Juliana Kanyomozi is undoubtedly in the top five greatest Ugandan musicians of all times of the modern music era.

She launched her music career in the late 1990’s teaming up with her school mate Iryn Namubiru forming the I-jay group.

She would later pursue a solo music career that saw one of the most decorated careers by a Ugandan musician.

Juliana released hit songs such as Nabikoowa, Omutima Guluma, Mama Mbiire, Mama Wabaana, Oja, Alive again, Woman among others.

She tragically lost her son Keron Kabugo in the midst of the last decade a thing that hit her so hard.

She would later relocate to the US where she’s based now. She gave birth to a baby boy named Taj a few months ago and seems to be a happy mother once again

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