Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena narrates her time at Mulago hospital while battling COVID 19

Singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema has come out to narrate her experience at Mulago hospital while battling the deadly Covid 19 flu.

And contrary to how the hospital is described, Zuena according to her experience is miles way different from what is said.

The National Referral hospital has been described as a stinking corrupt institution coupled with negligence.

People have come out to decry the situation at the hospital saying the medics there front money more than saving lives.

However Zuena said this is not true since she received the best medical care while there.

She said today 22nd June 2021 marked a month since she was discharged from Mulago hospital where she had been battling Covid 19.

Zuena went ahead to say that hers started as a simple flu followed by cough and finally losing her taste and sense of smell.

She suspected Covid 19 and resorted to self medication which she termed as a big mistake that people make.

This resulted into further detoriation of her health and she got fever, running stomach, vomiting and sweating profusely.

It was then that her husband Bebe Cool decided to take her to Mulago hospital.

She was however afraid due to the stories that come out of the hospital.

However to her surprise everything was free of charge.

“I can assure you that everything was free… accommodation, food and medication. The only time hubby pulled out money was when there’s a specific medicine needed urgently.” Zuena posted on her Facebook page.

She added that she had two friends who had been admitted at Mulago hospital and got the same treatment.

If it wasn’t for these, she would have thought that she was getting preferential treatment.

Zuena went ahead to say how she wanted to send her appreciation to all the medical and non medical staff at the hospital who were putting their lives on the line for Ugandans to be safe.

She concluded by sympathizing with those who had lost their loved ones to the deadly flu before advising people to stop discriminating those suffering from covid 19.

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