Spice Diana toasts to another milestone in her music career

Musician Hajarah Namukwaya popularly known as Spice Diana has come out to celebrate another milestone in her music career.

The Kokonya singer took to her social media to share the good news with her followers of becoming the most followed female artiste in Uganda on Instagram with 1.1m followers.

Spice Diana said that being at the top is a process by process that requires hardwork, time, patience, sleepless nights and days, risks, criticisms, consistency, discipline, love and above all being yourself.

She said that a few years it was just a dream but right now she’s among the creme de la creme of Uganda’s entertainment industry.

“But all in all REMEMBER you can be anything in the world. Just a few years ago it was just a dream and see where we are now now #spice gadgets thank you so much. Looking forward to so many great achievements together forever, walking this journey has been the most amazing experience of my life.” Spice Diana posted.

As some of her fans congratulated her upon this milestone, others felt that this was not something to celebrate.

They told her that she was always trying to validate and make herself relevant even in things that don’t matter.

These felt that she was trying to hit at perceived nemesis Sheebah who has denied her the attention she craves for.

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