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Top 10 Ugandan socialites

Uganda has some of the best will known socialites who make news wherever the go and whatever they do.

We gave compiled a list of some of the most popular figures in Uganda’s socialite world excluding the Basama who only come here in December.


The Pablo Escobar of the socialites, Charles Olim is that person you will find almost in every fracas.

He’s been around the entertainment scene for some long time and hasd managed and promoted a number of musicians.

He owns a number of cars and is famed for going around splashing money and wrecking havoc wherever he goes.

Prima Kardashi

She rose to fame due to her relationship with singer Geosteady.

The two were a lovely couple and even share two beautiful daughters together.

Their relationship however hit a dead end after she accused the Owooma singer of infidelity.

They bitterly broke up and she’s currently dating Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie.

The two are madly in love judging by their social media pages.

Kardashi is a business woman who deals in bleaching content for women.

Sylvia Namutebi aka Mama Fina

Traditional herbalist Mama Fina is one of the most famous Ugandan socialites we have at the moment.

She might directly not know that she’s one but her actions prove her to be one.

Mama Fina has numerously carried out her charity infront of the camera.

She also goes around splashing the money like the spirits won’t ask about its whereabouts.

Dr Hamza Ssebunya

You want to deny that he isn’t but yes ofcourse he is if you know the ingredients that make up socialites.

Ever since the gynecologist married Kenzo’s baby mama, he’s been a regular in the public eye and camera.

Rema has really looked after her guy and made him look world class.

Ssebunya is now a celebrity just because of being a husband to a celebrity.

Bryan White

His time might have become expired but he was once the golden undisputed king of socialites in Uganda.

He therefore appears on the list as a honorary consul of the socialites embassy.

His source of wealth was disputable as he claimed to have inherited a large chunk of wealth in Italy.

Bryan always paraded huge sums of money in press conferences and really sent the entertainment into a frenzy.

Emmanuel Lwasa

The Masaka based tycoon has been around Uganda’s showbiz industry for quite long and he’s someone you would want to envy surely.

This is because with his money, he’s been able to date some of the finest female celebrities in the land such Desire Luzinda and Diana Nabatanzi.

Lwasa who is a very wealthy man is very known for going around splashing money like it has no meaning to him.

The women he’s dated have been lucky ones because they have surely enjoyed his money and different luxuries.

Judith Heard

A model by profession, Judith Heard would be best described as the Naomi Campbell of Uganda.

She was crowned as Miss Africa in Miss Elite Awards 2021 from Egypt recently.

Judith is also a philanthropist besides her being a socialite.

She’s launched a number of campaigns against sexual harassment and rape among women.

In 2014 she started rivalling Zari for the queen of socialites in Uganda but she lost to the rich gang affiliate.

Judith Heard is a mother of 3 and divorced her husband in 2014 after 11 years in marriage.

Bad Black

Yeah, you can’t surely deny that Shanitah Namuyimbwa is one of the socialites in Uganda.

She might be low class or have faded but she was once the talk of town.

One can even say that she contributed hugely to the rise of socialites in Uganda.

The year was 2011 when Bad Black and her crew of girls plus boyfriend Meddie Ssentogo came onto the scene.

These splashed millions and millions of shillings because the money was there in plenty.

Bad Black had detoothed around Ugx 11 B from her Zungu lover.

She splashed it by sleeping with celebrities that she had always wanted.

However, she was later jailed and spent close to four years because of this money.

She currently lives with her much younger boyfriend a one Asha but nolonger commands the power she had before.

Sheila Gashumba

Sheila has been the in showbiz industry of Uganda for close to a decade now.

She’s commonly known for her media roles but she’s also a common figure in the socialites world.

Born from a popular wealthy father who can also be identified as a socialite, Sheila got inducted into the showbiz at a younger age.

Her privacy life has also made lines in the news especially her on and off relationship with ex boyfriend God’s plan.

She’s currently dating Sweden based Ugandan rapper Rickman Rick.

Sheila might not have the money to go around throwing like the popular Basama but she surely makes the news when she coughs.

Zari Hassan

Phew!! Her influence is undeniably massive as it even goes beyond the landlocked borders of Uganda.

Zari is not a new name in Ugandan showbiz as she existed around it even the in the 90’s.

She dated the once popular celebrity Rasta Rob Mc according to his recollection.

Zari however moved to South Africa where she got married to the late Ivan Ssemwanga and the two sired three children together.

They are the biggest revolutionaries in Uganda’s socialites industry. They introduced all the now popular Basama December parties and splashing cash like it has no meaning under their Rich gang.

After breaking up, Zari moved on with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz but later broke up with him

She’s one of the most followed female celebrities in Africa and that tells you of how much influence she possesses.

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